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Spiderbat and Captain Lantern landed on top of the building.

"Do you think that they're in here?" asked Captain Lantern.

"I can't be too sure..." answered Spiderbat.

Suddenly, Green Joker came crashing through the roof of the building on his Goblin Glider.

"Oh... so they are here.." said Spiderbat.

"You two should stop following us around all day!" said Green Joker.

"I'll take this one, you take the other guy..." said Captain Lantern.

Captain Lantern attacked Green Joker as Spiderbat jumped into the building.

"Well, well, nice meeting you here, Spiderbat...." said "the other guy", Banen the Bounty Hunter. "Unfortunately, I must break you."

Banen charged at Spiderbat, who jumped up in the air, dodging the attack. He stuck to the stop of the ceiling.

"Up here!" said Spiderbat.

Banen looked up at Spiderbat.

He grabbed a crate and threw it up at him.

The crate hit Spiderbat in the head, knocking him down.

Before hitting the ground, Spiderbat was caught by Banen.

"Not so impressive..." said Banen.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, there was a huge explosion and a blinding flash.

When everything became clear again, Spiderbat and Banen were able to see two strange men standing in the middle of the room.

They were Dr. Octavius and Night Spectre.

"Did it work?" asked Dr. Octavius.

"I think so..." answered Night Spectre.

"Who are you?" asked Spiderbat, getting up from under a pile of debris.

"We are from another dimension." said the two. "We're from a world known as Earth-9602. Your reality, New Earth-616, is similar to ours in many ways, but not exactly. Let me explain it to you. Our reality was created after the brothers, the Earth-616 and New Earth, merged into one. Eventually, our reality was contained as a small "pocket universe". Your reality, however, exists peacefully. The multiverse is endless, and anything can exist anywhere at any time, so it wasn't long for a new, re-imagined version of our universe popped up. Now, if our universe has to be a pocket reality, how is it fair that yours doesn't? Me and my ally, Dr. Otto Octavius of Earth-9602, have come to make things fair by merging both realities into one non-pocket reality universe."

"Uh.... what?" asked Spiderbat.

"We want to share realities." said Night Spectre.

"Oh.... I think..." mumbled Spiderbat.


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@GR2Blackout: Awesome.

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@TheCannon said:

@GR2Blackout: Awesome.