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The talented artist is TakayoTemujin. All credit is due to him. 

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THIS WAS SO AWESOME SAUCE. At first when I read the title I laughed, but now im glad I checked it out.

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Gotta admit this is pretty cool, I love how the artist translated the predator's cloaking ability to paper.

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That is really insanely awesome.

I LOVE how the idea that the xenomorph takes on parts of it's host was kept. That's just genius.

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Artwork is a mixed bag, some good panels but very inconsistent.

Needs a caption here and there because not everyone will know what's going on.

This storyline would make a decent graphic novel, replete with actual text.

I hope he continues to work on his art. Lotta potential.



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You had me at 'dinosaurs'

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I'd say overall the art is near-professional quality. It could do with a few improvements here and there

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That art is amazing. I really think the artist has a career. Show this a publisher and I bet he'll have a job.

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It says "to be continued" in the last panel. Hopefully, he'll do a sequel some day

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I've seen this on deviant before
I'm a big predator fan and I really think he does the character justice

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Ya, he's a great artist