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The league of assassins has orchestrated the end of the world as we know it and turned it into a post apocalyptic world for Ra's to to start over. With that the army of Ken-oh has risen and Ra's sees him as the perfect man to lead this world and succeed him as the head of the Demon, but will Raoh accept such a role? what about Batman and his family? What will he do now that he lost everything he holds dear to him?

Joker has survived the disaster and has aligned with a man just as crazy as him. and together kidnapped the last Nanto General.

With a man the people call their savior, Kenshiro follows the path of the successor to reclaim his love, Yuria. Will Batman join the savoir on his bloody path and cross that line or will he stand in his way? what part did the league of assassins play in Yuria's fate and what are their plans for the Nanto's army.

And what about Ra's plans for this chaotic world? his plans for Raoh? will he be devoured by the Demon that devour all demons or will he give Ken-oh his day of Doom and "release" to the world his form of "Justice"

That's just my idea's of a cross over between Batman's world and that of the Fist of the North Star. If only it wasn't so hard to find decent drawing's of Batman's world I would make this into a whole full story comic.

If anyone have any ideas or angel this story could play out or any other characters to add I would love to hear it.

I want to make a full comic about this story and I think I can if there is anyone who wants to help me with locating fitting comics and edit the story

So what do you think?

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@Ken982: The idea is kinda cool. Write it up and see how it goes

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That's the problem. I have the ideas but I cant connect them that well and the story can not be organized that's why I need help with ideas and story telling

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A Hokuto no Ken/Batman crossover is so crazy I can't help but be curious about what it would be like. You've got an interesting scenario in mind, for sure.
I guess the Batman in this story would be fine with killing when necessary then? 'cos Kenshiro killed - nah, destroyed rogues and gangsters on a regular basis.

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Do it! Maybe you couldh ave a guy inspird by Batman who takes uop the mantle of BatmAn to fight Ras?

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Y@tomdickharry1984 said:

Do it! Maybe you couldh ave a guy inspird by Batman who takes uop the mantle of BatmAn to fight Ras?

Yeah WayneShiro XD Seriously this is a cool idea. WOuld love to see batman be able to explode some heads.