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Movie night at Finn and Jake's house.

"Movie, movie, movie night, movie night" Finn chants happily, thrusting his fists in the air. "Hey Jake, what are we watching tonight?"

"Might be watching each other" Jake replies, "BMO seems kinda messed up".

"No BMO is, is, is fine, no problems". BMO replies,

"Knock knock" Bubblegum says through the door.

"Whooo. Guests are arriving" Finn flips to the door and opens it on bended knee, "Princess".

"Sup boys?" She pats Finn on the head as she passes by, then makes herself comfortable in her favorite chair.

"BMO is acting a little weird. Can you take a look cause your smart and stuff" Jake calls from the kitchen as he makes popcorn.

"Aww, come here baby" Bubblegum picks up BMO and fiddles around with it's circuits.

"Ding-dong. Ding-dong-ding-dong-ding-dong" Ice King says outside.

"Stop it, they heard it the first time" Lumpy space princess groans.

"I know. I just like making the sound" Ice King giggles " Ding-dong-ding-dong"

"Dude, enough" Finn sighs, opening the door.

"Aaaah, Bubblegum, you know i like to sit there" LSP grumbles as she floats in behind Ice King. Bubblegum just shrugs with one shoulder, still fiddling with BMO.

"Room for one more?" Marceline lets herself in.

"Yeah, now it's a party. Movie, movie" Finn begins chanting again.

"Wha-what? are we chanting now? Mov-movie, wait, slow down, wait for Ice King"

"Sorry guys, BMO is in no shape to play a movie. It has a nasty computer virus. Probably from a chat room" Bubblegum looks at Jake.

"What? I got to keep up with my peeps". Jake shrugs.

"Sorry, sorry everyone, next week same time" Finn says as people head to the door.

"Hey, i don't know if this is important or not but there's a knife storm coming" Ice King says at the door, before stepping out.

"What is wrong with you? You crazy old man" Marceline yells as she yanks him back inside by his blue robe, just as the knives start coming down.

"What? oh yeah, my weakness is knives. I forgot. Okay, whose up for shadow puppet theater? Anybody? Anybody?"

"Actually, we could tell stories till the storm passes" Marceline says. "That's how we passed time after the mushroom war".

"Ooh, ooh, I've got one" Ice King waves his hand in the air.

"I have one" Bubblegum replies calmly from her chair.

"Aaaad, Bubblegum, go" Finn points to her.

"Okay" she leans forward "This is tale of..."

Pink Riding hood

"Once upon a time there was a little girl named pink riding hood, because she wore a pink hood where ever she went..."

"Gee lady Rainicorn, this is taking a while. Are we lost?" Bonnibel asks, more curious then afraid.

"Nan hangsang-i-gil-eul gal". Lady replies.

"Okay, i trust you" Bonnibel pats Lady Rainicorns neck.

"Deo geojeong , ulineun god su eobs-seubnida" Lady reassures her.

That's when the Ice King steps into the road, blocking the path and causing Lady to put on the brakes.

"Hi there" He says calmly, as if he were not almost run over. "What'cha got in the basket?"

"Breakfast, from the breakfast kingdom, for granny Tree Trunks". Bonnibel replies.

"Ooh, i haven't had breakfast yet, could you toss me a bacon-pancake or something?"

"Um, i'm not really supposed to talk to strange old men on the road" She replies.

"Well, that's no problem. I've been watching this road all day and haven't seen any strange old men" Ice King says without irony.

"Riiight. We really have to go now. Lady, away". And with that, Lady Rainicorn flies over Ice Kings head, and onward.

"Hmmm, breakfast is getting away, ideas, ideas" He rubs his head "Aha I fly ahead and impersonate Granny and get breakfast. Heh heh"


"Man, these trees are hard to cut down" Mr Pig grunts to himself "I should move somewhere with softer trees. Oops" He studies his axe. "This isn't a tree cutting axe, this is my ice axe" and starts back to Tree Trunks house.

"Knock knock. Knock-knock-knock-knock" The Ice King says at Tree Trunks door.

"Who is it?" Tree Trunks says.

"It's not someone whose going to freeze you and take your breakfast. Aheh heh" Ice King replies, impressed by his own cleverness.

"Well that's good to know" Tree Trunks says as she opens the door, smiling.

"By the way, zap" he freezes her in a block of ice, then pushes her into the closet. Then he jumps into the bed and pulls the blanket up to his eyes.

"Granny Tree Trunks? Breakfast?" Bonnibel knocks on the slightly open door.

"Over, ahem, over, wait gem'me a sec" He clears his throat and tries to sound like Tree Trunks "ahem, over ah, just over here" he gives up and talks in his normal voice.

"My Granny, you sound like a strange old man"

"What do you ex-- i mean, that happens to us all" Ice King sputters.

"What?!? even me?" Bonnibel is horrified at the thought of sounding like an old man.

"I don't know, probably. Whats in the basket, oh wait i know that already, or do i?"

"And Granny, what a big beard you have".

"Uh, yeah, bad winter coming. Gotta get ready".

"Um..Okay? I'll just leave the basket here". She sets the basket on the bed which Ice King immediately sets upon. She starts to leave when Mr Pig comes in.

"Whoa, what is going on here? Bonnibel? Who is that hairy man eating breakfast in my bed?" Mr Pig is very confused. "Okay, let me put this away and we'll sort this out". He opens the closet and sees Tree Trunks in a block of ice. "Tree Trunks? Why didn't you call for help?"

"I don't want to be a bother" She replies.

Amid the commotion of Mr Pig and Bonnibel breaking the ice block open, the Ice King calmly flies away.

The End

"Ice King gets away? Whats the point of the story then?" Finn demands.

"Finn, stories are about the journey, not the end" Jake replies. "But don't worry, big brother has a story i know you will like...

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lol ---- really and truly, this is so cool and you got each of them across amazingly and the story ---- lol

I needz MOAR!!!!

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@lykopis said:



lol ---- really and truly, this is so cool and you got each of them across amazingly and the story ---- lol

I needz MOAR!!!!

Thank you. It actually turned out longer then i thought. Jake's story is next, obviously. But the one i can't wait to write is Marceline's story.

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@wildvine: NICE!

this was AWESOME

i guess you are a fanatic

only knew adventure time cuz of my lil' cousins

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It fits bonnibel perfect for her story ^_^ I will be sure to check out the next installment.

Poor BMO, hopefully Jake learned his lesson.

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Berry well done ! 4 outa 4

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I should watch Adventure time.

The story was fine. It was fun to read.

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No mu cho-a-yo... **red** Cho-nun han-gung-mal chal-mo-t'ae-yo. Myo-sshi-ye-yo?  
CV needs more Adventure Time fan fiction. I was thinking about doing one just on Gunter and BMO. Oh thank you again, if I didn't make any sense above I say thank you I like this and other stuff.  

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This is great, good job!


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@BumpyBoo said:

This is great, good job!


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@SC said:

No mu cho-a-yo... **red** Cho-nun han-gung-mal chal-mo-t'ae-yo. Myo-sshi-ye-yo? CV needs more Adventure Time fan fiction. I was thinking about doing one just on Gunter and BMO. Oh thank you again, if I didn't make any sense above I say thank you I like this and other stuff.

eotteon dan-eo jusyeoseo gamsahabnida.

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Great ! I could hear their voices as I read it ! twas that good :)

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That was pretty awesome. =D Feels just like the beginning of a compilation story episode and the first one...

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@wildvine: Don't watch it , as you know but this was a nice little ( long ) thing to read. Probably would have enjoyed it much more if I watched it though... For some reason.

Bonnibel sounds awesome.

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Awesome job! you've got the characters down really well.

Thank you! Too kind, really