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It’s a giant white void, its nothingness spread across infinity; it’s where dreams go to die. Welcome to Limbo. He’s standing there, all alone, all confused, as papers begin to fall from the sky all around him. He picks one from the air, it’s all concepts, ideas that he’d never think of. And then it’s not a concept, it’s a physical thing and it’s big and it’s threatening and it’s rushing right at him. He jumps out of the way and he’s suddenly falling through the floor, papers flying all over the place while he does. And then he lands and it’s the opposite of before. It’s all black and enclosed, like he’s been stuffed in a closet. Voices start screaming at him. Who are you? What can you do? What is your function? What makes you you? And suddenly he’s not a person anymore; he’s a blank slate waiting to be written on. And then he’s afraid and that’s what he needs. Suddenly he’s himself again and he’s blasting at the voices around him. Maybe he’s always had powers; maybe everyone has powers here, who know. And now he’s out of the dark void and into a pristine location. It’s a lovely little lake that somehow has the most beautiful waterfall. It’s a nice moment of peace as he walks up to the water. He moves to splash some water on his face, clear his head, but his shadow pulls his arm back. “The River Styx will steal the memory of all that touch it.” It whispers in a pained voice. He’s confused, no idea what’s going on. “This isn’t a river.” He finally says. His shadow seems to sigh. “It is now.” It says as it pushes him. And he remembers that he can’t swim and now the edge of the river is so far away and he’s struggling to get any air and there’s this loud beeping of an alarm.

Nick jumps up as he finally awakes, slamming his fist on his alarm.


“Damn.” He whispers, as the memory of his dream fades. He slowly gets up. He walks to the window and looks into the sky.


“Damn.” He whispers again as he sees cracks on his window. He quietly curses as he realizes that it’s not his window that’s cracking apart.


“Damn, the sky is falling.”


And it’s only just the beginning.

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Oh I forgot to rate this or whatever.

Uh, T or M I guess. Depends on where I go with it.

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@Decoy Elite: It's odd, but it is only the begininng :)