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Love stories have always touched our hearts, Romeo and Juliet, Tales of white nights and princess, But none have been so twisted as the one you are about to read, Their first meeting was during the crusades , Richard the Lion Heart lays siege to Jerusalem, The walls seem unbreakable.

But Richard the great king that he was knew it would be no easy task, He had brought a few witch breed with him, A dangerous man of pale skin and a sick smile and A monster with the power to take people strength and some laughed to start with, Richard had brought a women.

Few laughed after seeing her in battle, it was her blood lust that first caught his eye, Now we start this story of love over the decades as the catapults bombard the holy city, As men start to die from the heat and Two heart start to beat as one!

This is a Fan Fic for Kiara and Arrow, No one else may post in here, there will be a Fan Fic Talk page opened for any comments.

Other viner’s may be involved but you will receive a PM asking before hand, Pleas read and enjoy.

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