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When Justice League fighting a super Villain suddenly and unexpectedly vanished and appeared in marvel universe

Superman appeared in Jean Grey School

Martian Manhunter and Batman appeared in Utopia

Flash (Barry Allen) Appeared in Avengers Tower

Zatana Appeared in Avengers Mansion

Wonder Woman appeared in baxter building

Plastic man Appeared in Raft

Aqua Man and Hal Jordan in Latveria

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@GR2Blackout said:


so how do i start

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@ruler: Sounds interesting but it's kind of all over the place now (No pun intended). I suggest you check out the How To Write Fan-Fiction Thread. It's quite useful (Not to toot my own horn or anything). Good Luck!

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@ruler "Once upon a time Felix Faust cast a spell onto the JLA, scattering them to a far off place known as Earth 616. It was a place similar but very different to theirs. Superman appeared in a place called the Jean Grey School..."

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Superman tries to understand what happened to him and his comrades at the same time he saw Rockslide, Anoloe and Oya approached them but he startled once heard who are you and he turned his back seen Rachel Grey Wolverine Gambit and Rogue

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in the shore Batman and Martian Manhunter regained their consciousnesses batman asked to Martian Manhunter where are they Martian Manhunter replied i don't know but i sense our teammates scattered in this very world Batman looks concerned and Martian Manhunter said we are not alone. When they are turned they saw Emma Frost Cyclops and Magneto

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Hmmm, you should give it a go. It's a fun concept but it's best you plan it out thoroughly.

The thing with superheros is, the stories are best done visually as graphic novels/ comics since one can appreciate the costumes, fight scenes and villians presence.

Your concept could work as the story could focus on what each superhero is experiencing. Great for just writing as it lets the reader imagine what the superhero is experiencing.

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@ruler said:

@GR2Blackout said:


so how do i start

just like you did

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I have questions if Emma Frost and Martian Manhunter went to telepathic fight what happens also can i add some villains like Ultron. Doctor Doom or Lex Luthor

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@ruler: pretty sure MM can beat emma in a tp fight.

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Cyclops asked Batman and Martian who are and why did you come here Martian Manhunter replied I am J'onn J'onnzz and this my partner Batman we had been teleported to your world aganist our will i suspect our remaining teammates transported this world. Cyclops asked Emma Frost is he telling the truth Emma Frost replied to Cyclops i think they are lying to us green fellow blocked out from their minds but i sense their anger and hatred. Cyclops shouted surrender or face the consequences and Batman said i think not Cyclops fired his optic laser to Martian Manhunter

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Meanwhile Barry Allen regained his consciousness and saw red hulking figure standing over him then Barry Allen acted without hesitation and swiftly attacked red hulk