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Gotham city, STAR warehouse #3.
The new guard turns another corner of the warehouse toward the front. His shift is almost over and he cannot wait. His shadow stretches before him like it's eager to leave as well. He had originally thought that guarding a secrete warehouse for failed experiments and confiscated weapons would be more exciting. He soon learned that security was dull no matter where you worked.
'place is too damn secrete or the loonies are too scared to try anything'. He muses, Absently resting his hand on his gun.
"Code 3, Sector 1" His radio blurbles in an annoying voice that he has never gotten used to. Code 3 was unauthorized person or persons. 'probably another lost tourist or some damn teenagers' he shakes his head. But he cracks his knuckles together hoping for a trouble maker.
Instead he sees an attractive blond woman wearing a garish red and black suite. "Great. Another executive wanting a last minute, unannounced walk through of the facility. Tourist by another name'.
At the front Harley stare at the door and pretends to be annoyed, Like she is supposed to be there but the door is not working. Out of the corner of her eye she sees the guard hesitate and she knows he's checking her out.
Pretending to suddanly notice him she turns flashing a bright smile.
"Hi. I'm having some trouble, Can ya help me out?"
'Stick to protocol' he reminds himself. "Miss, this area is off limits to the public".
"I know, I'm here on business". She hands him her STAR badge and watches his eyes goggle as he reads it.
"Did you think it would be that easey" He asks, unbelieving her bravado. "Can't blame a girl for try'in", She shrugs.
"Well fun times over. So don't try anything". He quickly levels his gun at her.
"Fun times are just beginning" she winks, holding her wrists together. "I hope the other guards are harder to dispose of then you".
"Tough talk" he sneers waving the gun to remind her of whose in charge.
Harley springs forward onto her hands and spin kicks the gun with one foot sending it sliding across the cracked pavement. And drives her other foot into his mid-section knocking his breath away. Using the force of her momentum as she swings around she slams her open palm into his face destroying his nose and nasal cavity and before he can react She drives a crushing punch into his throat, Silencing any sounds he might make.
She stands over him as he lies bleeding and choking on the ground. "Your lucky i don't have time to watch you die". She coldly remarks before putting a bullet in his head.
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You know you can edit your forums, right?

I didn't realize that he put up the actual issue. But yes, I agree with this.

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Overall, I like the story, good concept, but try to expand on the detail a bit more.

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