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A New Amalgam Universe : KillJoy #0 <<Previously. Next>> A New Amalgam Universe: KillJoy #2

Happy face cosmetics, New Gotham city.

"Good minions are so hard to come by" KillJoy mutters to himself as the elevator opens and a small figure steps up beside him. "Harley! I've terminated another employee. Have someone dispose of it"

"Yes mister K. Anything else?"

"Pack me some pumpkins. I have an appointment at the S.T.A.R. warehouse."

Not long ago... Happy Face Cosmetics test area

KillJoy lays strapped to a table. A pair of paramedics, one tall and the other short, standby just in case. Harley stands by holding a gun on the them to discourage any ideas.

"Let’s try this on some test animals first. Be reasonable." Dr Frode says nervously.

"I thought test animals were for S.A.T.s" KillJoy giggles.

"Good one mister K" Harley crows "LAUGH!" Harley snaps cocking the gun. The tall one chokes out a laugh but the other is too stunned to do anything. BLAM! She fires a shot which leaves a hole in the paramedic’s pants and a hot scratch across his thigh.

"I don't miss twice" She winks, and the medic faints. She does not need a gun to kill these two; she's a highly trained ex S.T.A.R. agent. Plus she has three other weapons hidden on her body not including high heels concealing switch blades. Her blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail suggest casualness but the serious blue eyes behind black rim glasses would not fool anyone. Her tailored suite is half black and half red with spots of contrasting color, make an almost clownish look.

"This is crazy!" Frode tries one last time "I'm guessing at dosage here"

"Demoki does not smile on cowards" KillJoy replies, all the humor gone from his voice "And neither do I!"

Frode injects the serum, Code named "Smilex" into KillJoy not sure if he wants it to work or not. And at first nothing happens.

"How do you feel" Frode asks curious in spite of himself.

"I feel, funny, Heh heh" KillJoy mumbles, semi-conscience.

"He's gone delirious" Frode yells at the medic. Suddenly Killjoy begins to convulse violently. Then he begins to laugh, a terrible laugh like one might hear in Hell. Frode shivers, before he is sprayed with blood. KillJoy had laughed so hard his cheeks had split.

"This man needs a doctor!" The medic cries

"That’s why we got you" Harley holsters her gun."So fix him up" Seizing his chance the medic rushes at her blindly. In one fluid motion she spins to the left and plants her heel in the base of his skull. He is dead before he hits the floor.


"Why don't you tag along Harl? It might require a woman’s touch" KillJoy grins

"Sounds fun "she replies.

"It’ll be like taking experimental weapons from a well guarded baby" KillJoy laughs.

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Its good, bit squishy but I like it..but what's a "well gaured baby"??????? And why is K.O.R.D familiar, is that from Platnium Man? ANyways good stuf

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As I've previously said:

@tmacximas Wow, this is awesome. Even better than before.

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@TheCannon said:

As I've previously said:

@tmacximas Wow, this is awesome. Even better than before.

thank you again, but credit for this should go to who cleaned it up for me, i just re-posted.