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Happy face cosmetics inc, New Gotham city.

The chemical plant is old and decrepit and long overdue to be demolished, yet it somehow never came up in city councils. The ground is littered with filth and trash, and so polluted that the weeds had long ago given up on growing there. The sludgy river flowing beside it was even worse. The "water" was thick enough to scrape of you shoe, assuming it didn't eat through them. Probably cancerous to boot. No one in their right mind went anywhere near it the place...

Killjoy strides from the rusty elevator, Its pulleys protesting loudly as it starts back to the top. His purple cloak sweeps about with a theatrical flare as he moves. A fact that does not escape his attention. His custom shoes make barely a sound as he steps across the cat walk, amid the rising chemical fumes. He takes a deep breath. Savoring the smell like a fine wine.

"I love the smell of smilex in the morning Frode" KillJoy remarks to the small man approaching tiredly.

"That's formula five sir, Refined and enhanced per your orders" Dr Frode reports, his voice muffled by the filtration mask he is wearing.

"Has it been tested?" KillJoy asks.

"Yes sir, madness followed by horrible death ensued. Complete with facial constrictions--"

"Sorry? Didn't catch that last bit?" KillJoy asks quietly.

"Uh, i meant to say complete with "smiles" sir".

KillJoy grins impossibly wide, the scars in his cheeks tightening, "Smiles Frode, New Gotham will die laughing. It will be the best joke ever!"

"Yes, that it will" Frode agrees weakly. The thought of millions of people dying as a joke made him feel physically ill.

"Is there enough? I want to put a smile on the face of every man, woman and child in New Gotham".

"Oh you have more then enough to perpetrate a mass murder sir". Frode replies, to exhausted to be afraid anymore.

"Tell me Frode, why so serious?" KillJoy asks without humor, never a good sign.

"Well, i am worried about my family--"

"I promised you, your family would not be part of the show. And they won't. I killed them the day we got you" He says in an off-hand manner, as if referring to the weather.

"You psycho! I'll kill you!" He lunges himself at KillJoy, raining punches down. Only to find himself lifted off the ground by his throat.

"Dr Frode, i think you have outlived your usefulness" With his free hand he rips away the filtration mask, and with a twist of his wrist he snaps Frode's neck, tossing him over the side into the vat of smilex, and offers a two finger salute as Frode sinks helplessly beneath the surface.

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Nice looks like there is some cool potential.

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Bump in anticipation of new issue. Also because i cleaned it up.

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@tmacximas Wow, this is awesome. Even better than before.

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@TheCannon said:

@tmacximas Wow, this is awesome. Even better than before.