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Some would call him the bastard of thunder, the half blood prince of the north, the bane of cruel and wicked. Tales tell of his terrifying godly strength, that he is able to shatter mountains just by striking it and that he was able to slay armies A thousand wide just by swinging his hammer.

Children listen to stories of how he was born and raised in a village far to the north where he learnt the how to wield a sword and swing a hammer.

Men tell of how he jumped from the mightiest walls of biggest castles straight into the fighting in order to give his comrades time to escape the fray.

His enemies fear the very presence of this behemoth. He is a giant among men. His eyes as bright as day and his gaze as harrowing as the cold winds of Jötunheimr.

These are titles and tales of the bastard of the lord of thunder. The disowned grand son of the All-Father. The brother to the Scion of rage.

He is the First born of thunder, might of the north and the strength of asgard.

His name is Magni

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