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Rated MA

(I wrote this way back in the past of 2009. It's a script for a short film that as yet hasn't been shot.)


Int: Corridor. A plain clothes detective CHRIS ANDERSON, walks down it with purpose. In one hand is a pile of manila folders, the other a coffee cup. CHRIS wears a shield on his belt that reads ‘FTPD ANDERSON 1875’. He looks a tad stressed. CHRIS is met in the hallway by FRANK B LYMAN, another detective, holding similar folders + badge ‘FTPD LYMAN 1919’

FRANK: What’s up Chris?

CHRIS: Oh hi Frank.

FRANK: You seem stressed

CHRIS: Nah not really. What have you got?

FRANK: B&E. Crazy girl broke into a house. You?

CHRIS: Double homicide

FRANK: Wow! That’s…

CHRIS: I know. Better not keep her waiting

FRANK: Hey if you want to run good cop/bad cop, I’m just up the hall

CHRIS: Thanks Frank. Oh who won the game?

FRANK: Giant’s baby

CHRIS: Dammit!

Int: Doorway. CHRIS stands at the door to ‘INTERVIEW ROOM #4’. CHRIS takes a deep breath, readies himself and walks into the room

Int: Security Camera POV. CHRIS enters the room and looks up at the security camera

CHRIS: Detective Chris Anderson of FTPD. Commencing interview at 11.25pm with suspect.

Int: A plain room, table in centre of the room with two chairs. Sitting on one chair is SCARLET, a pretty young woman with auburn hair. SCARLET has blood splattered all over her. There are flecks on her face, blood spray on her top and the backs of her hands are all red. She is handcuffed and her hands rest uneasily on the table


Awkward silence as SCARLET keeps her eyes down as CHRIS takes a seat

CHRIS: Oh-kay. Let’s get this underway shall we?

SCARLET: Where’s my lawyer?

CHRIS: On the way I believe. Until they get here, I though we’d have a little chat

SCARLET: Could you take these off?

SCARLET raises her cuffed hands

CHRIS: No…sorry. Let’s begin shall we? Something easy, what’s your name?

SCARLET: No comment

CHRIS: Um this isn’t a press conference. No comment doesn’t work in here even though it’s an interview room…funny that. Here it’s either you exercise your right to silence or you can answer my questions. Do you understand?


CHRIS: So, what’s your name?


CHRIS: Okay. Well how about I tell you what I know and if you want to correct me or add something then feel free to jump in.

SCARLET: Can I have some water?

CHRIS: Sure, but this is a give and take type situation. I will get you some water but I’d like you too tell me your name….No. You will get some water soon but after I talk to you for a bit, sooner if you tell me your name.

CHRIS deliberately takes a sip from his coffee cup, the silence continues

CHRIS: Also I’d like to advise you at this time of your rights, just in case the arresting officers didn’t go over them…

SCARLET interrupting: When does my lawyer get here?

CHRIS: I don’t know. (Muttering) Gonna be one of those nights.

CHRIS opens a folder

CHRIS: You were arrested at the scene by Officers…Jacob & Williams, after they were called by neighbours to Grim Street. You were found in the bedroom near both of the victims. Did you know either of the victims?


CHRIS: Which one?


CHRIS making notes: Really? How?

SCARLET: No comment

CHRIS glances up at her; she realizes her mistake and lowers her head.

CHRIS: So you were at the scene, in the vicinity of the victims. Is any of that blood yours?


CHRIS: So it’s the victim’s blood?


CHRIS: How did it get all over you?

SCARLET (stopping herself): No….

CHRIS: Have you been fingerprinted?

SCARLET: I think so…

CHRIS: Good, we’ll check that against the murder weapon. Anyway you were arrested in the vicinity of the victims, you’re covered in the victim’s blood…I find it strange


CHRIS: That you’ve got nothing to say

SCARLET: Is my lawyer here yet?

CHRIS: I’ll go and check

SCARLET: Could I have some water…please?

CHRIS: Sure.

CHRIS turns to camera POV and speaks

CHRIS: Interview suspended at (get an accurate time via editing, several takes saying 11.30pm 11.31pm etc)

CHRIS turns to SCARLET and leans in: And while I’m gone I’d have a long hard think young lady.

Int: CHRIS exiting the interview room, exhales and shakes his head. CHRIS reaches into his pocket and pulls out a packet of cigarettes. He goes to put one in his mouth then notices the ‘No Smoking Sign’. FRANK exits a room

FRANK: Un-be-funking-levable!

CHRIS: What’s going on Frank?

FRANK: Must be a full moon. My crazy blonde bitch, not only breaks into a house, she ransacks the place! Turns the kitchen & the bedrooms upside down! Breaks the chairs…Why? No reason. But it gets better. Psycho girl wants to press charges!

CHRIS: On who?

FRANK: Well the residents of the house caught up with her and gave her a damn good kicking! Now officially, I’m appalled and will follow it through her complaint

CHRIS: Unofficially

FRANK: She got what she deserved! It’s rare that people get to extract punishment on those who wrong them. Hey, you’re not on the death sticks again are you?

CHRIS: No…yes, still carry a pack but haven’t had one yet


FRANK takes the packet off him. CHRIS gets a pager

CHRIS: The lab results are in. Would you pop in and see mine, she’s doing my head in.

FRANK: Really?

CHRIS: Yeah. She’s clammed up. But maybe the lab results will loosen her tongue

FRANK: If I go back into mine I think I’ll slap the blonde off her! I’ll have a chat to yours

CHRIS walks off as FRANK crushes the cigarettes and throws them into the bin.

Int: FRANK walks through the door and into the room. FRANK spins the chair backwards and sits with chin on his arms looking at SCARLET

FRANK: I can get you out


FRANK: I can get you out. Straight out the front door, no questions

FRANK puts some handcuff keys on his side of the table. SCARLET goes to reach for them

FRANK: Not so fast ‘red’. It’s not that easy. I’ve got something you want and you’ve got something…I want

SCARLET: You’re sick!

FRANK: No just practical. You do something for me and I’ll do something for you.

SCARLET: You want to…in here

FRANK: Red I’ve done it in the supply cupboard, the cells, the back of a squad car. But never in here…so today could be your lucky day, mine too.

SCARLET: I…I can’t

FRANK: Can’t. Or won’t?


FRANK: Seriously it’s like eight minutes out of your day. After that you can leave

SCARLET: Just like that

FRANK: Just like that!



FRANK: Well best you start making with the nudity

SCARLET stands up, a little self conscious. She’s unsure of what do to, due to the hand cuffs. SCARLET begins to unbutton her top. FRANK walks up to her and stands right in her personal space. They locks eyes, she flashes a sexy smile. FRANK leans right on in and whispers

FRANK: Are you ready?


FRANK: Then sit down you filthy whore

SCARLET looks shocked

FRANK: I don’t sleep with prison bitches!

SCARLET launches at FRANK but he easily catches her handcuff chain and raises her arms above her head

SCARLET: You bastard!

FRANK throws SCARLET back into her chair

FRANK: This isn’t some soap opera red, where a quick blowjob will make everything go away. You’ve done something serious. Look at you you’re covered in blood!

Int: Interview room. CHRIS enters with an item wrapped in plastic. CHRIS turns to security camera POV

CHRIS: Detective Chris Anderson of FTPD. Recommencing interview at (insert proper time via edit). Detective Frank Lyman of FTPD also present

SCARLET: I want my lawyer!

CHRIS: On the way, stuck in traffic, not here yet, I don’t know. Do you recognise this?

CHRIS throws the red wrapped item onto the table. It looks like a hooded jumper, splattered in blood.

SCARLET: I’m not answering any more questions until my lawyer gets here

FRANK mimicking: I’m not answering any more questions until my lawyer gets here

CHRIS: That’s enough Frank. Now Miss. Do you recognise the item before you? Yes? No? Well I put it to you that this was what you were wearing when you killed the old lady


CHRIS: Who did?

SCARLET: My boyfriend

CHRIS: Forensics found this stuffed in the garbage. Judging by the hair they found around the collar it’ll match yours. So from what we can gather you were wearing this at the time of the murders

SCARLET: I didn’t kill her

FRANK: Then who did?

SCARLET: My boyfriend did

CHRIS: Then how about you start talking

SCARLET: I just wanted her out of the house. She…she was very controlling


SCARLET: My grandmother

CHRIS & FRANK look at each other in surprise

SCARLET: She was always very strict. Be home at this time. Don’t do this, don’t do that. I just wanted her out of the house

FRANK: Or out of the way


That wasn’t the plan! Brad was just supposed to scare her y’know. Make her want to leave and go into a retirement home. It was a good plan; she gets scared then moves to the home

CHRIS: Brad’s your boyfriend?

SCARLET: …Yes. It was a good plan…it just went wrong

FRANK: I’ll say

SCARLET: Shut up you bastard!

CHRIS: Then what happened?

SCARLET: Brad went in to scare her. He’s good like that with his big eyes. But she hit him. He just snapped. He tore into her. He was like an animal…there was so much blood. It wasn’t the plan. That wasn’t the plan

CHRIS: So you hit him?


CHRIS: Several times


CHRIS: With this

CHRIS places a plastic wrapped axe on the table

SCARLET sobbing: Oh god

CHRIS: Judging by the blood splatter on your clothes and hands this is the murder weapon. The two blank spots on the handle, here and here, will match your hand prints. Plus with the fingerprints…

SCARLET: It was self defense! He attacked me! He’d just killed my grandmother and was coming after me! I had to…

FRANK: You could’ve run

SCARLET: Bastard!

Scarlet snatches up the axe and holds it poised to strike. CHRIS & FRANK draw their weapons

CHRIS: Put the weapon down!

FRANK: Drop it!

SCARLET: I hate you!

CHRIS: Put the weapon down. Now!

Int: Interview room. A young legal type woman, JILL WOODSMAN, enters the room. CHRIS & FRANK whirl around and point their weapons at her then back at SCARLET

JILL: Whoa!

CHRIS: Who are you?

JILL: Jill Woodsman. Why are you pointing guns at my client?

FRANK: She started it

JILL: Scarlet…I’m here now. Put the axe down

SCARLET drops the axe and collapses in a sobbing heap. JILL heads over to console her as CHRIS & FRANK put their guns away

JILL: It’s okay sweetie. Just calm down.

CHRIS: Miss Woodsman…could you tell me your clients full name?

JILL: It’s Scarlet Riding-Hood

CHRIS: Miss Riding Hood as an officer of the Fairy Tale Police Department, I am placing you under arrest for the murder of Brad Wolf and as a co-conspirator in the murder of Amber Riding-Hood. You are also under arrest for the direct violation of the happily ever after code. You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to legal consul.

Roll Credits



CHRIS & FRANK standing in the corridor

FRANK: God job today Chris

CHRIS: Thanks for your help Frank

FRANK: Anytime. Now it’s your turn to help me with Goldilocks




*Chris Anderson is a reference to Hans Christian Anderson. 1875 is the year he died.

*Frank B Lyman is a reference to L Frank Baum the man who wrote the Wizard of Oz. Lyman was his first name. 1919 is the year he died

*Officers Jacob & Williams is a reference to Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm

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Brilliantly written, wasn't expecting it to end like that.

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@mrdecepticonleader: To quote Robot Chicken "What A Twist!" :) Thanks

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@batkevin74: Ooooooo very clever! Nice not a big script fan at all, but this...this I liked

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Yo if/when you get a chance, if you could have a read of this for me

@4donkeyjohnson: Thanks, glad you liked it

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@batkevin74: Didn't expect the end, nice job

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@CapFanboy: Thanks :)

@nerdork: Every now and then I pull out a good ending. Thanks for reading :)

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Seriously???? Really?

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I know I read this before and I could have sworn I commented

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@joshmightbe: S'cool mi amigo, it kinda was a half hearted dig at Joygrl :)

Thanks for reading

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@batkevin74: cool story tho

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bumping is style i see

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@batkevin74 said:

bumping is style i see

Not always, but sometimes yes :)

If you get a chance, cast an eye over this

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@batkevin74: Ohh I actually read this a while back, but forgot to comment, I think , I am not usually the script kinda guy but this kept me engaged. Well done on that, very nice ^_^

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@Pyrogram: Me either, something about scripts just annoys me because it should be then performed or shot on film so I can see the finished result! Also it's fan fiction not fan script...but that's just me being pedantic and petty

Thanks for re-reading though/commenting

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@batkevin74 said:

@Pyrogram: Me either, something about scripts just annoys me because it should be then performed or shot on film so I can see the finished result! Also it's fan fiction not fan script...but that's just me being pedantic and petty

Thanks for re-reading though/commenting

Anytime mate :)