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Mr. Mxyzptlk was recently sent back to the fifth dimension. Lex Luthor was back in prison. Superman offered the services of the Justice League and his cousin Power Girl to replace the patrolmen of the Metropolis Police Department on Christmas day. It was arranged for Superman and his colleagues to patrol Metropolis for the full 24 hours of Christmas. They arrived at midnight and immediately hit the streets. Some of the superheroes flew over Metropolis to scan the city. The Flash could cover it on land. Aquaman patroled Metropolis harbor. Shortly past midnight Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl found a poor couple huddled on the sidewalk in the slums of Metropolis. They learned that the woman was about to give birth. Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl took them to the city hospital but it was too busy to admit the woman. Our heroines flew the couple to the state hospital in the state capital city where there was room for them. The woman gave birth to a girl and she was named Diana. At 3AM a riot broke out at the city jail and several prisoners escaped. Superman suspected that it was a distraction so he sent part of the Justice League to round up the escapees. Superman, Supergirl and Power Girl made special trips to the Federal Reserve Bank and other vital locations to check on them. Sure enough the Federal Reserve Bank was being held up. Superman was able to stop the hold-up and capture the criminals. Later, the staff at the Daily Planet were captured and held hostage by terrorists. Supergirl and, Power Girl entered the building from the roof and Martian Manhunter entered at ground level. They caught the terrorists by surprise before the hostages could be harmed. By sunrise criminal activity had slowed down. During the day it was petty crime and traffic conflicts that needed to be dealt with. During the day some terrorists captured a cargo ship, loaded it with explosives and sailed into Metropolis Harbor. Their plan was to blow up the harbor. Aquaman boarded the ship quietly so the terrorists wouldn't hear him. The terrorists left the explosives unguarded so Aquaman was able to disarm them before attacking them. Superman and Wonder Woman landed on the deck and assisted with capturing the terrorists. A minute before midnight a tired Justice League turned the city back over to the police.

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This was actually not bad, formatting aside.

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