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(Anyone who read the story The Claim one shot, its the same world.)

It was a fair night in the large town of Haverstead, it sat at the edge of the Tallic Bay, Tonight was a night to celebrate the fishing harvest and lots of local honey mead was imported in from the local farmers for the occasion. many of the other secluded locals came out to enjoy the festivities as a large wooden serpent was placed on one of the larger docks lit with candles as well as offerings of fishes.

One small on looker just watched in confusion as more offerings of unwanted fishes were put up next to the wooden statue. An elder who wore thick robes over top his regular work clothes, moved towards the child. "Does something bother you young one?"

"No...yes...I don't understand, Why do we offer up fish to a wooden serpent? does it eat the fish?" the small boy asked as he wiped his nose on his sleeve.

"Ha ha ha, no. The offering is merely a gesture to the great leviathan that we give thanks to it for the great fishing we have had this season. and with this we in turn hope he would do the same again by using his magic on the ocean." he pointed out as another small basket of fish was offered up.


"no Magic, do you not know what it is?" the elder asked the still confused boy. The boy shook his head and the elder said well come and sit and ill tell you all about magic. they grabbed a seat down near the center of the festivities, and low did they sit by a open fire did more children come to listen to what would be a story.

"Magic, is and has been the life blood of the universe. its the creation of life, and destroyer of every thing. Its raw force helped to create the gods we know today. They are masters of the force of magic itself. For if we know of magic and misuse it, we could end up destroying ourselves in blasts of fire....KABOOM!" The elder shouted outloud at the kids who screamed for a second. he laughed. Got some grizzled looks from a couple of mothers who watched, but he continued.

"magic has been discovered as two things in this universe, the natural, and the arcane. The natural form of magic deals with us, the elements and everything else in the universe as everything has spiritual energy, this is the purest form of magic. many of the druids or geomancers as some call them are able to tap into these natural elements and can commune with nature maybe even fallen spirits. OOOoooOOOOooOooO...." making ghostly noises to the children. they fell silent and continued to listen. "Its also with the natural magic that many of the magi, who use magic use their own spiritual force to bend reality to create or manipulate objects." At this time the elder rolled up his sleeve and focused on a flagon of honey mead on a table not too far away, the flagon began to lift itself up and slowly came to the elders out stretched hand.

The children were astounded, one cried for a moment and their mother came to sit with them. "Its nothing to be afraid of. the was a simple retrieving spell. at my age it still takes alot out of me. But not all of this is good, Arcane is the second form of magic. CHAOTIC! in its very nature. just by sheer force of will or mental control one could bend this unstable force of arcane into anything they want. very dangerous, even the oldest and the most experienced of Magi still often to refuse to use Arcane magic as any spell big or small will back fire. that last spell I just did, if I used arcane magic there would have been a good chance that I could have made the flagon burst mead all over the place. SPLASH!" making large gestures and spilling some honey mead on the ground, the kids laughed at it. "oh its not that funny kids, it is because of arcane we have had the story of Jo'tosh and the Titacore. Who remembers hearing what a Titacore is?"

two children raised their hands, the elder picked the little girl who had her hand up. "tha titacowe wis a bwig mwean cweatuwa that gwobbles bad kids up." she said and leaned in towards her mother. "very good" said the elder.

"Now the Titacore is just as she said a big creature. big as this whole town if it wanted to be. I came across one once, in my travels when I was a young apprentice to the previous elder magi of this town. We went off to Aquillas to buy provisions and stop in at the mages guild hall that presided there. We were heading south of the city on our way back as we headed out with an armed escort. UNTIL!..." he kept quiet for a moment to stand up."We saw it, in a field, it seemed like a large sized animal until, it saw us. moving foward.." start making the motions of a creature walking on all fours. "Thud!, Thud!, Thud!..."

"With each step it took it came closer and the larger that creature became." The elder spoke and made movements still on all fours looking at the kids. "Thud! Thud!, it still came at us. The leader of the escort told his wife as well as other women and children to go for the tree line and they would hold it off. Archers began firing and some other magi in the group began throwing spells at it. the arrows were more effective against it, the magic fireballs the creature just ate it. Before us stood a creature on all four feet high as two houses, its fur was black as night, it had two long horns a face like a snarling dog. its mane looked like flames from the realm of Tythus himself, Paws that could destroy the very home you live in with only but one swipe." The children sat there staring waiting to find out what happened next.

The elder stroked his beard. "it was tearing through us. we were all that stood against the beast and it rampaging and killing everyone in the group..."

"Were you afwaid?" one of the kids said out loud.

"You bet your boots I was." He stood up again. "Commander Pinewood took a group of men and charged that beast, I followed too and my master at the time was busy preparing a spell. Pinewood took his sword and plunged it into the beasts foot, it hurt it but did not stop it at all. it booted him into the nearby forest, WHOOOSH! flung the man like he was a bug to it. Then the beast looked at me and was about to swipe then...." he paused to look around to see if he had all the kids attention.

"The beast was turned to stone. my master who was preparing a spell gave up alot of his energy to subdue the creature. the empire was so grateful to us in being rid of the beast, that we now have a major ship coming down to transport anyone from here to any major port in the empire. and they named a ship after my old master." he stopped to take a minute to drink what was left of his mead.

he told the children that was all for the night as it was getting late and that they should get ready to go home and to be good or else the Titacore might come after the bad boys and girls. the one boy who he talked to earlier before the story came up to him after everyone left. "So my boy what did you think?" the boy tilted his head a bit.

"it was a good story, but why do we have a big wooden statue of the Leviathan?"

the elder groaned...

The End.