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Indigo City, The Great Impact

"So... Mark." Mary stares up at me with her giant green eyes. "What are we going to do tonight?" A few minutes have passed since she caught me taking a leak on the alley wall. Se... most girls would be turned off by something like that... but as Mary would put it, "We're married now... so that means we're stuck together."

"I... have no idea." I mutter before taking a gulp of the drink she got me. No clue what's in it... could be cyanide for all I know. "...wanna head to a Nightclub?" I ask her. "I hear they get pretty CRAZZZZZYYY." I'm drunk... kinda. She strokes my arm softly, the stench of alcohol clearly not bothering her... and my genitals start to have a hayday.

"But..." She purrs. "What if somebody crazy..." Oh god my balls! "... tries to hurt me?"

"Don't worry Babe." I mutter. "I'LL protect you!"

"And how will you do that?" She asks. A small smirk across her face.

"Because.... I'm a COMPLETE and UTTER badass!"

...and of course that's when the sky started falling.



The minute my skull hits the floor I realize how much I suck at being a badass. That's right, imaginary reader! It WASN'T being set on fire that gave the game away! It WASN'T getting punched in the gut... it was getting knocked to the ground by this scumbag drug pusher who JUST so happens to be a Carrier. The fight started decently enough. Since this two bit junkie's a Carrier it let me go a bit crazy with my powers in ways I've never tried.

Dashing forward with a wind burst? Pretty awesome! Didn't do much to be honest... but it looked pretty cool.

Flipping through the air like a freaking ninja?! Hell yeah! That's great! Again... doesn't do much... but still looks nice and I did dodge a few of these guys attacks with it.

How about a Wind/Aero/Who cares ball? Grabbing some wind... putting it in a roundish circle and letting it loose at the people I'm fighting? It's pretty decent I guess. Pushes the guy backwards slightly... distracts his aim... useful but doesn't look cool.

Honestly I'm surprised at all of the full body teleporting I've been doing recently! Usually I'd be exhausted after a port or two... but to be honest I think the more I do it, the easier it gets. It's like working out a muscle. So all that stuff sounds pretty great right? I can even use the wind to speed up my punches and kicks! Well all of THAT stuff isn't stopping this junkie from punching my brains into the concrete with his gigantic rock hands. Honestly getting set on fire was the least painful part of this evening.

"Oh god..." I think to myself in between getting my skull smashed inwards. This jerk only needed ONE solid opening to win this fight.... and he took it. Setting me alight while I was distracted and then tackling me to the ground... owch. Surprisingly I'm still conscious after a few dozen punches on my forehead. Unsurprisingly my costume's getting torn to shreds. That lasted 5 seconds! Yay! After about 7 hours of me tasting giant rocky fist (maybe less) the guy stops. Maybe he's suffering Cardiac Arrest mid fight? Probably not... that would make me too lucky. He stares down at my bloody body and lets a look of surprise appear on his face. Guess some one's got Anger Issues...

"How's that for child's play?!" He yells down at me. He's making fun of something I mentioned earlier. You'd have to have been there.

So there I am. Lying on the dirty floor like a battered steak! Beaten, bloody and probably bleeding profusely. The next time I tilt my neck forward to look up at the sky I can see the Junkie Carrier in the middle of a fight with several CBTF troopers. Great... that's the last thing I need. Locked up on my first night... good job. For some reason the Junkie reaches into his bag and sprays something on my face... little golden flecks of dust. Maybe LSD? Yuck. It's been awhile and I'm not certain whether or not I'll be alright with it. Maybe my body will freak out? ...but then my limbs start to surge with energy and life.

"What... what the hell did you do?!" I yell at the Carrier. His mouth moves but no words come out. That's when I spot a CBTF Truck pulling up outside the alley. "Damn it!" More lip moving. That stuff's freaking my ears out.... "Lots of CBTF guys!" I yell. For a second I consider leaving him behind to die... a$$hole beat me half to death. I SHOULD leave him to die... well not die. At the most he'd got captured and arrested... but what if they decide to put him in one of those Camps that Mary was in? "We need to get out of here!" I decide. I grab his arm like I'm some sort of Rapist and teleport us both the heck out of there! First place I can think of is Niswander Heights. A few blocks away... "I've never gone that far before..." I mutter as we reappear on top of my apartment building. For some reason the Junkie sprints away from me in a hurry. No idea why. "Where do you think YOU'RE going?!" I shout after hi. More mouth wobbling from the Drugged up Dooche. "HEY!" I shout. "Does this Drug stuff wear off?!"


Usually there would be a PWOP! That's the normal noise whenever I teleport. This time I'm left tapping my ear as I materialize in my living room. Daisy jumps up in her seat. She's still awake... of course. Probably excited to see how I did. Her lips start to open and close... too bad I can't lip read. I've NEVER been good at it.

"Can't hear you!" I think I'm shouting... so I point at my ear so that she doesn't think I'm insulting her. "Some guy..." Still shouting. "...freaked my ears out." Tune ti resort to language I don't normally use in front of her. "So... f#ck it I'm going to bed." More PWOP fake noises and I'm standing atop my bed... bruises all over my body... but even those are healing. This drug stuff seems to have caused my Carrier Powers to have freaked out... or increased. Honestly tonight's been pretty busy... so instead of thinking anymore about it I slump down on my bed and close my eyes.

"Oh god..."

Eyes open again.

"I've got to get a new freaking costume..."

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Will read in a sec.

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Pretty interesting. Once again, love the humor.

There was a little bit more grammatical errors in this on than the others, but nothing too big except for this: "Tune ti resort"

I lol'ed at the costume line.

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@tommythehitman: This read a lot faster than the Heatseeker side of the battle, which isn't really a bad thing, since I've read that already. I'd tone the balls/genitals thing back at the beginning, but that's just my personal preference talking. This does need a little bit of editing, as deathstroker mentioned.

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@tommythehitman: Like the others have said, this moved at a radically fast pace. I personally would have liked to have seen more, maybe set up the next part of your story on the morning afterward, but overall it was good. I liked that you incorporated the stardust into your chapter at the end when Marks powers go to shit. What felt weird was the opening flashback. It could have been tied together more cohesively in the middle or ending. I think I know what you were going for but it's a little forgettable once we read through the middle.

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Couple things I didn't care for. The line about genitalia was TMI for me. And the line about grabbing the guys arm like a rapist? Who thinks like that? Good things, your action is pretty good. Coming from the first person, and one getting the brusing at that, it reads pretty well. I guess the story is good. Probably be better after I read dng's side of the fight.

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@tommythehitman: Dashing forward with a wind burst? Pretty awesome! Didn't do much to be honest... but it looked pretty cool.

Wind Duster kinda reminds me a bit of Booster Gold in his early years.