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The Night of the Devil

"Come on, Sam, its over here!"

"Coming!" yelled Sam, dashing across the field to catch up with his twin brother.

Sam Fisk and Kron Fisk. Descendants of the fearful Kingpin. They do not know it, though... until now...

Sam caught up with his brother, at a strange hidden entrance they found the day before.

"Why were you so slow, Sam?"

"Were 21, we havent needed to go fast yet were not gonna start needing to today"

"That makes sense on WHAT planet?" asked Kron.

"Well, the Kree would think it makes sense... I guess" answered Sam, opening the secret entrance to some place unknown.

"You comin' or not" Sam asked his brother

"Shut up, Sam, I'm coming"

They climbed down some stairs to an underground lair.

"Whoa. J-just... whoa." mumbled Sam.

"Sam, you know what?"

"No, what?"

"This would be a great hang out..."

Sam, thinking how dumb his brother is acting, sighed.

They walked forward through a tunnel, and grabbed a torch that was up on the wall, almost burnt out.

"How is that still lit?" asked Kron.

They walked into a door and into a long, wet hallway.

"I think I just heard something" said Sam, as freaked out as Kron.

They took a turn and ended up in a room full of newspaper clippings on the wall, a rotten corpse on the ground, etc.

"Wilson Fisk revealed to be the Kingpin of Crime..." said Sam as he read the newspaper aloud.

"Wilson... our ancestor from 2012?" asked Kron

"Guess so... wait... Kingpin of Crime?! He was a fricking criminal!"

"Well, duh. Sam, you gotta get out more."

"No... he... he killed, he murdered..." mumbled Sam

"Those are the same exact things" pointed out Kron

"Kingpins identity revealed by Daredevil? Kingpin escapes The Raft with help of Bullseye and The Spot? Kingpin and Daredevil found dead, presumably killed each other?" Sam read on...

"This is... this is more then a hangout... this is DESTINY!" said Kron, more excited then his brother

"No, Kron... no.."

"Sam, we have to continue the family business... we must become the Kingpins of Crime!"

"No" repeated Sam



"Us... Kingpins of Crime...'




2099, A.D.

"Brother" said Sam, soaked in sweat...

"Yes?" asked Kron...

"After years apart, we finally meet..."

"Its a shame that one of us will have to die"

"No, brother" said Sam "You still have a chance"

"Sad" said Kron "You believe in hope. Brother, training with the original Bullseye to become the Kingpin of 2099, I've learned all hope dies before its even born"

"Shut..." said Sam, in his sweat-covered costume as it started raining, "... UP!!!"

Sam attacked his brother, and they tumbled down off of the balcony.

"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" they yelled, falling to the ground.

"Rrrrg... you think mom would be proud of you?" yelled Sam over the police sirens, thunder, and wind.

"Hahaha" laughed Kron "You always were a mommys boy!"

Sam, in rage, punched his brother across his face, as Kron simultaneously did the same.



They fell, and all was black.

"Hello, Devil...." said a mysterious man in front of Sam, who was tied to a chair.

"Hhhh... huh?" said the half-asleep Daredevil 2099 "Who are you? How'd I get here? Wheres Kron?"

"Kron is... somewhere."

"well, duh, but where is somewhere?"

''Shut up!" the mans voice boomed through the entire room, echoing.

"Rrrr.... just tell me, who are you?"

The man laughed, completely ignoring Sam.


"You do not need to know right now, all you need to know is there is nothing to fear... but FEAR... HIMSELF!"

To be continued in "Night of the Devil - Conclusion"


Somewhere, beyond the stars, there is a team of people, all working on a intergalactic project that may change lives.. everywhere...

"Well, Trish, heres to fame and fortune!" said Trish Rocketyson's boyfriend, Damian O. Ottom

"Yep, whatever" said Trish, barely even knowing what Damian said.

"Whats the matter, Trish?" asked Damian

"Well, I was hoping my friend Ryan would be able to come along, but he died... so..."

"This is NASA, were talking about, Trish, no sector of NASA in the galaxy is gonna let you feel sad, let alone NASA Sector 2.20 of the MilkyWay Galaxy"

"Sigh... Sector 2.20... the worst sector."

"Dont be so sad, sweety..."

"Rrrr" mumbled Trish, pushing Damians hand away "Dont call me SWEETY!"

To add to the chaos, there ship was suddenly the target of a heat-seeking supernova...

"Oh, God, a supernova? Nobody's seen them since the great meteorite crisis of 2013!" said Trish, as the flaming space-bullet zoomed forward.


On Earth...

"Reports of a huge crater have been coming in from here for a while now, so its time to see the crater" said a news reporter.

2 soldiers pried open the ship, and found the two astronauts. Trish's DNA strangely absorbed the cosmic energy, while Damians face was horribly scarred and body destroyed.

"R-r-ryan?" asked Trish.

She looked up, and accidentally shot a huge flame up into the air.

"Aaah!" screamed Trish

"She's like a... a... a human torch!"

To be continued in "Four United"

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This is amazing. I want more.

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Well that's one way to react to finding out your ancestors were villains. Sam vs Kron seems to put a different twist on the brothers conflict with the Fisk ancestry put into focus. I haven't come across it before at least.

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@darth_brendroid said:

Well that's one way to react to finding out your ancestors were villains.

Thats how I would react, especially if my brother turned evil, as that would seriously add to the drama.

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@GR2Blackout: This is so cool!! The 2099 story is good but honestly ,I WANT MORE TRISH!

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The Trish thing was a 2099 story, actually. Its part 1 of Fantastic Four 2099. Well, the teams origin anyway. Oh well. And thanks, I always loved 2099, but its mostly invented characters instead of 2099 versions of people, so I decided to completely reboot 2099. Heres your result.