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I just saw the first Twilight movie for the first time and a very interesting question came up.  If Edward Cullen is 100+ years old and Bella is 17 does that not make Edward a statutory rapist, a pedofile, and a very VERY immature 109 year old?  Does Chris Hanson need to set up a sting in Forks Washington?  What message does this send?  Preying on young girls is ok if you look young?  I have a friend who is 28 who looks no older than 18 is it ok for him to go hit on high school girls?  Thoughts and comments?

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This is just ridiculous.  You're not talking about a child.  Bella may be bloody annoying, but she's still of legal age to marry in most countries (even if not in all States). 
This 'paedeophile' nonsense has been levelled at other slow-aging characters.  It's not original.
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"Why don't you have a seat?" .... that would be a very interesting read. I'd buy it.

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Edward," I wasn't going to do anything, I just came up here to tell her to watch out for vampires like me and have some milk and cookies" 
 Chris Hanson voice, "Edward are you lying to me?  I have the transcripts here,  did you not write online 'I want to BLANK your blood from a cup.  After I BLANK your neck I'm going to BLANK all of the BLANKING blood out until you are satisfied' ? Edward I don't think you came here to BLANK the milk and cookies." 
 I don't know how I feel about that.  Does slow aging mean slow learning or slow mental maturing (serious question, I don't know much about the Twilight universe)?  In the first movie didn't he say he's graduated high school several times.  If he's 109 years old I'm sure he's wiser if not smarter and wiser than any average 65 year old dude.  In my book that means he's praying on an easy target.  In high school I remember when college guys used to try to date high school girls and scare all us young bucks.  In college I definitely didn't respect any guy dating a high school girl.  AFTER college I definitely think it's a little ridiculous for a grown man, no matter how young or immature he is to date a high school chic.  I know its not illegal if she's 18 but come on, how much can you REALLY have in common with someone that young.  Now if she was in her 30's, versed and experienced in the world, the age gap (even though its 70 years) wouldn't bother me.  Something about this says Edward is a predator trying to take a young girls virginity.  
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@devilmanex: Uber Late and I got bored. No actually Bella is after his virginity.
Also Bella is still of legal age. You could ask the same thing of a 45 year old dating a 25 year old.

Also they do state in the books that they are stuck at the mental maturity of the age their turned. So he is 17 in maturity as well. He is SMARTER then any 17 year old, but intelligence and maturity are two different things.