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Recently a discussion took place on the HEROES (Tv Show) Thread that posed a question.

Where should the line be drawn for submitting to this site?

If it has a comic book does that make it count?

What if it's close to a comic? (Ex. Heroes)

Should all Anime/Manga be allowed?

Should comic-esq cartoons be allowed? (Ex. Ben 10)

Discuss what you think about where this site should say "That’s a little to off topic" in this thread.

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I think we're mainly sticking with if it's comic form, it has a place here. I did a write up for Jack Bauer of 24 and we've had entries for Jason Voorhees and Dragon Z.

What's the opinion of others?

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I think that in terms of anime/manga, it depends on the power levels we're talking about. Giant robots, little weird, but like ninjas or something, that can be worked with, I believe.

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If it's a comic in print, I think it should qualify. But, I think the continuity that is added to the series and the characters within it should apply only to the printed medium, with perhaps a note in the footer saying something like, "For information on the movie/tv show, please click here," leading to perhaps the official homepage of the show. Crossing media will just lead to chaos....

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I guess I agree...but what about Heroes lol

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I kind of hinted at this in the other thread, but my personal felling is this:

  1. We should limit ourselves to only things that are in print in the "comic" format.

  2. Understanding that many comics have branched over to TV/movies/cartoons, and that many TV shows/movies/cartoons have branched over to comics, we will see some cross-referencing.

  3. Such cross-referencing should be limited to those events in the non-printed media should be limited to that which agrees with the printed comic's continuity.

  4. Any references to the non-printed media should be considered supplemental information.

In the case of Heroes, this is easy so far. The web comics have had direct bearing on the show and vice versa. But what happens, if in the future this is not the case?

Am I off base on this?

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Is it just a web comic for Heroes, or is there a paper-and-ink version as well? If there were, then it would naturally be open for inclusion here, with reference to the web comics and the TV show as supplemental information. But if the web comic is all there is, I don't think it should be included.

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Alright, that's it. I'm making the submission guidelines page an editable document. That'll let these dicsussions have some sort of record and we can point new peeps to it to get them started.

We're also gonna get some stickies started soon. Gimme a couple mins to set it up.