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It's accepted that Comicvine takes in single print issues of comics. Maybe there should be a paragraph on what is and isn't accepted (like trade paperbacks that are just reprints of single issues - see "What about trade paperbacks?").For example what is Comicvine's view of:

Web Comics - haven't seen any mention of it here - would be nice as a concept, at least. Do we index them and risk their disappearances? Provide links?

Fiction, poetry, etc. about comic book characters. Is a book just a comic book with all text? I don't mean all books, just ones with comic book characters. I haven't seen any of this on Comicvine - maybe under characters? Index authors?

Movies with comic book characters - I've seen under characters (maybe tell people put movie appearances under the character, like Batman). Minor things under trivia. (It would be nice for the movie to have its own page, but there'd probably be a lot of programming involved - actors, directors, animators, etc.)

Television shows - Treated similar to movies?

Radio shows - Similar to movies?

Video Games with Comic Book characters - Maybe under character too, with minor things under trivia. (Nice to have its own page too...)

Paintings - stuff you would see in a museum, for the most part Pop Art that Roy Lichtenstein and others produced - I'd guess this would be best as a concept.

That's all the mediums I can think of now - well ones that exist, I'm waiting for the comic book that comes in pill form.

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Comic pills! Yay!


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I have seen web comics on this site... I think the whole Black Mage, White Mage, Red Mage, Warrior comic thing is really stretching it; are they even a web comic or are they just a -- oh, that's right. It's called 8-Bit Theater.

Anyhow, one medium I didn't see mentioned is toys. I am constantly wondering whether it's okay to include official merchandise, rofl. I would never want it, but I have seen it in some characters' galleries.

Another medium is fanart. What's our policy on this?

Gambit has a "in 3-D" gallery which is mostly toys as well as a fanart gallery. This is pretty silly, IMO. If GambitO had ever made any submissions, I would highly suspect him of being responsible for this.

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I'd say just add toys in the picture galleries then maybe put a section on the characters' page about toys/busts, etc.

Fanart I think was previously OKd but should be in a separate gallery altogether. I'm not encouraging it personally because it seems there's more than a few people that don't understand the purpose or concept of having separate galleries and will throw pics in whatever folder they want.