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I was looking at Donald Duck's page and I noticed that the info about his first appearance is completely wrong. Firstly, it's wrong because Donald Duck did not appear in Adventures of Mickey Mouse. He's mentioned in the book and there's also a picture of a duck that looks nothing like him on the back cover. Secondly, it's wrong because Adventures of Mickey Mouse is not a comic book at all. It's a picture book.

That got me thinking about what actually counts as a comic book.

Is it any book that has sequential panels?

That would exclude Superman #75, one of the best-selling comic books of all time, just because it only has one picture per page.

Is it any book that has speech balloons?

That would exclude all the issues in Marvel's 'Nuff Said event.

How about this: a comic book is any book that has speech balloons and sequential panels. A book that doesn't have these features still counts a comic book if it is part of a numbered series that normally has these features.

That would exclude pin-up issues like Dream Team and Battlezones: Dream Team. We can't exclude them - they're intercompany crossovers!

So, can anyone come up with a better definition for a comic book?

EDIT: By the way, I'm posting this in the Editing forum because if we come up with a good definition, it may lead to removing books that aren't comic books from the database.

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@NetSpiker: Sequential panels with exceptions made for comic related media in comic form. After that it is on a case by case basis, if it is already in the CV wiki then it is most likely ok, from time to time stuff does get deleted that does not belong though such as novels.

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@NetSpiker: Also if you have any doubt ask one of the mods. We usually err on the side of including everything though.