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I think this place is really started to kick some ass. If anyone's looking for some places to earn some points, I've noticed that most of the teams are kinda lacking in the bios. I'm gonna try to hit some but there's some big ones:








and so forth.

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Lemme start up a little something for X-Men.

Edit: Just submitted a short start to their history. I will come back later and work on it some more. Good night.
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I'll do some stuff for the WildCATS.

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I'm working on Alpha Flight now.

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Why is team members missing on several team pages?

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Is there any way we could add former members on the team pages as well as former affiliations on the character pages? A lot of people have had affiliations or there's teams with rotating members. Most notably the Justice League of America.

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Actually, I do like the idea of both a "Current Members" and "Past Members" thing. It would be easier for people who actually don't know the character to be able to figure out whose on what team.