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@razzatazz: I think they could too if they wanted it enough. I think a digital fanzine made by the community has a better chance of being created at this point though and it could probably be better then an official magazine if there were enough contributors.

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@pikahyper: That is a good idea, though wasn't really my point, I just thought CV should do something to increase its presence on FCBD

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well unless they get some people to make an actual comic I don't think editorial content would be all that popular on FCBD, the text only freebies are generally ignored by all but the most die-hard collectors and speculators, they would be better off teaming up with Diamond or directly with the FCBD team and produce CV posters, stickers and buttons to give away as that is way more coveted then text only freebies, they should be showering those things on attendees at conventions as well as last I heard they didn't utilize conventions for marketing which is a big mistake.

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@pikahyper: Something for someone to do something about.

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