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I've noticed a few characters have pages that perhaps shouldn't. If is a character only appears in a single issue, and doesn't cause any major changes to the story arc of volume,  is there a reason for them to have their own page? It seems like clutter.
Toby  - In one issue only, dies and is never heard of again. Doesn't even have a last name. Very important to the issue he is in, not important at all to the volume as a whole.
Is there an official stance on these?

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The only actual rule is that a character must have appeared in a comic to have a page.
Also, you never know if a character will come back. Example: Gaggy was the Joker's sidekick for one issue. Fast forward 43 years and all of the sudden he is back. 
Sometimes the insight you can get from one of those pages fills you in on things you would normally miss on a main characters page. The Silver Surfer was befriended by a man named Al Harper. He died in the same issue. He hasn't returned but has appeared in flashbacks, as may other characters. He definitely made an impact on a popular character that others may be interested in.

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We have many pages like that, I say leave them because its far too much work to get rid of them, the problem is with most sites you just type in the names of the characters and you can link them if need be but here the only way to credit a character is by making a page. A lot of our characters don't have huge roles but does that mean they shouldn't have pages? I don't see why not. Think of it like Marvunapp, getting all those obscure little characters no one remembers or has ever heard of.

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first off i really like reading about ALL the characters, and i think it would be irresponsible not to have as complete a collection as possible. 
second off, like jlone said, characters come back.  in fact, id say almost every super powered character created will return at some point, the exception being some of those skrulls and maybe some other minions in an alien army.   

In one issue, vanished for twenty years, then came back pretty importantly