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Should the UK version of Simpsons Super Spectacular be it's own volume? Unlike Simpsons Comics, which I just made a new volume for the British version of, SSS has the same issue numbers on both sides of the Atlantic, but the UK edition is two issues behind. Therefore, it's probably safe to assume that, again, unlike Simpsons Comics, the content is identical. The covers are the same other then different logos (the UK version adopts the new title and Bongo logos earlier due to being behind) and obvious things like the price and the addition of a Titan logo.

Here's the latest issue cover (left) and it's US counterpart (right):

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I think this is a question for or

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@RazzaTazz: @Digifiend: separate volume for sure, even if they are the same each countries edition gets its own volume page since it is a different publisher and country, for all we know they could change the text to make it fit the locale, wouldn't be the first time a publisher did regional rewriting on a licensed product.

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@pikahyper: In this case one would assume color would become colour for example...

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@X35: sounds plausible

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Thanks. I'll get started on a new volume then.