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Ask for specific scans from an issue, you must:

1) Know the issue or issues you need a scan from

2) Know the characters you want a scan of or at least describe them

3) Explain why you want the scan

From there if someone who has a copy of the issue and a scanner chooses to help, awesome.

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A scan of Roadkill and Splat the Cat from Secret Defenders issues 4 and 5

Reason: Wiki improvements: Splat has no images and Roadkill only has a cropped image from the cover of Secret Defenders 5

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Baraka(Mortal Kombat)

1.Baraka (Mortal kombat)

2. I just need, strength, speed, fighting feats from the malibu comics

3. Need scans for a battle forum.

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Does anyone have scans of government facilities?