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Okay I want to make a page for the deities, now even though they are the same as their mythological counterparts their is enough info for them to have there own pages, furthermore I saw that certain deities have multiple pages depending on publisher(example Hades being a character from both Marvel and DC and Mythology)...so can I make pages for them and if I shouldn't make pages for them, where should I put them?

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@BlueLantern1995: It's been a little bit since I read Percy Jackson (I read because as a library volunteer you should keep up with popular books and also because I have something to talk about to my younger cousin who loves the series and was on the 4th one last time I checked...)

However, if memory serves me right the deities weren't drastically different from the original legends (well, Medusa was a statue maker, but then she isn't a deity...). I would say that you could go with the Public domain version of the character (ex. Hades ) and just add any info you want under a heading of "Percy Jackson version".

of course, perhaps I'm not remembering the story as much as I claim to...

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@BlueLantern1995: my first impulse is say just public domain, but what were the differences between Greek Poseidon and Rick Riordan's Poseidon?

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@BlueLantern1995: I guess you can create a seperate page for that character...

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@BlueLantern1995: Please don't create any more Poseidons. It's bad enough that we have separate pages for DC Poseidon, Marvel Poseidon and Public Domain Poseidon. They are all the same character who is Public Domain, which is why DC and Marvel were able to use him in the first place. It doesn't matter if different versions have different personalities. All-Star Batman has a completely different personality than regular Batman but that doesn't mean he needs a separate page.

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@NetSpiker: couldn't agree more.

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