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My reaction to this thread after I finished reading it.

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@guardian_of_gravity: eh that's pretty tame to me, if it had been real people doing those positions I'd say ok that's a little much.

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@pikahyper: As I said, passable.

There's still obvious drawn insertion of Tab A into Slot B. So I'm sure it's reasonable for a non-overly fetishistic person to get off on it.

Of course if you really do want to see drawn people having sex there are much better sites than Wiki.

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@lykopis: Well people are going to look for anyway to get at someone I suppose. A profile on the internet is like a beacon encouraging others to investigate it, whether for good or for bad. I suppose if someone has that information publicly available that there is no reason to expect it to not be under scrutiny, but equally there should be a reason for doing so, or that might be considered borderline obsessive. To be honest though, I sometimes post some stuff that might be considered too far out in terms of relevance, so I guess it is more just knowing about how to hide it. That pika put it to the wiki means that it is meant to be found though.

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@guardian_of_gravity: indeed, that is one of the arguments I've always used, in this day and age why in the world would anyone use this site to get off, I'm sure there are a few threads in off-topic being used for that like the real life pic thread or attractive male/female threads but even on the most parental locked down computer there are much easier ways of going about it.

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@pikahyper: I never got the point of the "Ogle attractive" people threads.

One tenth of the internet is porn.

You can literally cater to any fetish in existence (even pedophilia if you're willing to limit yourself to drawings and renders) with a few keyestrokes on Google.

If you're ashamed of your sexuality, disguising it with things like swimsuit editions and Cute Women FCs isn't doing you any favors.

Just look at real, actual porn.

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@razzatazz: meant to be found by people that are actually interested in it though ;)

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@pikahyper: Yes, though "interested" can mean a lot of things. As you know sometimes I browse the wiki for odd reasons.

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@razzatazz: well if you ever browse and find that kind of stuff I will gladly read that blog :P

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@pikahyper: Wait a minute? You don't gladly read all my blogs? :(


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@guardian_of_gravity: agreed, a lot of it seems to be region based though, Americans are much more uptight about this stuff even though they love their sex.

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well... that was an intresting read :- /

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Well this thread has givin me anough ideas to scar me for life

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@innervenom123 said:

Honestly I thought this thread was gonna be about nudes of the moderator in question.

Improve your phrasing, bro!

thank god that you brought that up before me....the first thing that popped into my mind was "WHO!!???"

Ikr. My initial excitement died rather rapidly once I realized it was in fact just Comicvine's version of the GOP lobby.

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Why did you even tag me or initiate a conversation with me?

No idea what you mean about profiles being beacons for investigation. I'm talking about a user who pours over uploaded images (or forums posts, lists, reviews, blogs, what have you) of another user to gather information they hope will make someone look "bad". It's creepy. There is no good reason for it. There shouldn't be an expectation of scrutiny in a public forum unless you mean to say be careful in what you share about yourself because there are people out there who would feel justified in said scrutiny. Creepy times two. In that case, I wholeheartedly agree with you.

I am comfortable stating I have every right to be suspicious of someone who actively follows everything I do in a public forum for the express purpose of wanting to put me in a bad light. Especially here -- it's a comic website. Unless you are staff, anyone who visits and contributes to this site does so because they enjoy it. Why would any of us be here? To single out a moderator smacks of retributive nonsense. It happens constantly in the Battle Forums and unfortunately there are people with nothing else better to do than to harass for the sake of harassing. Moderators and other users alike - even Staff. Creepy times three.

edit: lol -- I just realized my last sentence sounds like moderators and staff harass for the sake of harassing. I mean, they, like other users, are victim to this behaviour as well.


I know of people who have wiki edited pages of an erotic nature under alternate accounts because they don't want to give off the idea they are some perverted, smut gathering comic fiend, lol. If I had the time, I would love to contribute in that area. A title like The Boys who people could consider porn (Herogasm, anyone?) is fantastic and one of my most favourite books. I would hate to think Comic Vine would censor it or other works in the wiki which contain much more blatant sexual content. This is a visual medium. Sequential art encompasses everything - from the human condition to freaky, fetish-type stories, whatever. It all should be catalogued. Why bother calling Comic Vine's wiki a comprehensive inventory of all things comic-related, otherwise?

I understand the need for PG rated content in the forums. Someone should be able to click on a thread and have every right to not expect images of a pornographic nature (or complete nudity). But when it comes to the wiki, give me a break. It takes effort to find anything of a risque nature -- don't cry PUDDLE when you purposely sought and then jumped in one.

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I love all the attention this has gotten. I'll remember for my next thread.

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uh oh. :P


Oh look, another thread thread locked with someone getting the last word! And what a last word. Quite a contribution but I have no idea where are that shpiel came from.

Cool story, though. I wouldn't have bothered to reply but still, how....odd.

Maybe this thread will be unlocked again for further last words, or some such. Or deleted. Or maybe just my post(s). Or edited? Lots of options. I shall screen-capture, just for fun of course.


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So yeah, this seems to have pointlessly dragged on. I feel like this could've been handled better through a PM rather than publicly displaying it.

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@lykopis: I for one would never use an alt to add adult comics and have zero embarrassment for adding any of what I've added, I doubt anyone would be shocked by me being a smut connoisseur and I have nothing to hide, pretty sure it is common knowledge that I came here from SG and spent time on GG. I abhor censorship though and have fought against it for most of my life.

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@lykopis: Oh well, there is this phenomenon known as cyberstalking. I have never heard of such a case occurring here, as we fill a niche as opposed to being a true social platform. Essentially what this site helps us to do is to draw people together that share interests in life (comics!) which are somewhat specialized enough that in any circle of friends that it is common to only find one comic fan (perhaps more depending on the age.) So in this case, the people we add on Comic Vine are people that we consider to not only share a common interest as ourselves, but sharing specific interests in this common interest. On Facebook people are known to add old friends and acquaintances just to check out their profiles, and this is not always well meaning in spirit. When we perceive that our own life is not what we expected, then it can be nice to live vicariously through someone else. Unfortunately this all too often becomes a case where people look for the negatives in others' lives as opposed to the positives. The girl that made prom queen? She got knocked up a year later and now has three kids in a loveless marriage. So by comparison people can feel better about themselves, only if it is by making others feel worse.

There are other cases of cyberstalking as well, for instance, a person might try to access someone's profile on a popular site like facebook to see if they are someone that they could get interested in romantically, or just to daydream about the same. Of course there are also more nefarious purposes. In short though, in my experience as a moderator at a popular website with a lot of traffic, it is likely in the user's best interest to moderate themselves in order to not run amok of the rules. As the moderator in question in this thread has found out, even the most innocent of items will come under heavy scrutiny. There are a lot of weirdos out there on the internet, and they often find comfort in the anonymity of the internet to do things and be someone that they can't be in life - whether this be a negative outlet or a positive one (though in my experience it is generally negative.) In such cases a profile can be the grounds for the crazed machinations of this individual's vendetta or whatever they may think to use.

If I can get personal, then I can provide my own examples. I try to keep a pretty clean profile, as I try to focus solely on comics here (and with so many ways to enjoy comics on this site, it is not hard to focus only on comics.) In the moderation of this site though, people have tried to cross me and to throw things against me or to prove that I should be removed from my position. Sometimes it doesn't take much. A simple fact that I am a woman means that people that I have moderated have threatened me with rape as a result of my actions, not such a pleasant threat. In this case all it takes is my gender to launch an attack on me, and even though I didn't fear for my safety, I was still deeply troubled at the insinuation, and it was known only because I am female. This is all that I mean in relation to the public inclusion of material in one's profile. It would be nice to think that our profile's were little safe homes on the internet, but in fact they are not. It is one of those "lowest common denominator" problems or to put that another way "we are only a strong as our weakest link." Where there is a place where weirdos can hide in anonymity, then we will always have to guard our information to some degree or risk some perhaps unpleasant side effects.