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@razzatazz: I was thinking maybe a good way to determine the difference is the options on the character page, ie; Robot, Cyborg, Mutant, etc would be concepts. Anything else would be teams. Just a thought I had when editing a character earlier.

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Why should any of those things be teams. They're not teams because most of them don't even co-exist in the same universe, the only thing linking Elektra to some indie character is the CONCEPT of ninja. These things are the definitions of CONCEPTS because the broad idea is all that links them. And now you can link characters to concepts so there's absolutely no reason for them to remain as teams.

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@x35: That had been my original thought back at the beginning of the topic, but seemed like it isn't the majority opinion. My last post was a sort of compromise with something concrete to use as a basis. This debate will probably never be solved.

I guess what should maybe occur is not to have generic teams. So for Ninjas to be a team and to link it to an issue, it should be a specific clan. Same for Pirates, they would only link and should be a specific team that exists in a single universe and can be named. Otherwise if the book is about Ninjas or Pirates or even Cowboys then concept works better and should be linked along with the actual team that appears.

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It might be the majority opinion, but it doesn't mean that it's not beyond stupid. The purpose of having a "Vampires" or "Ninja" team pages applied to multiple titles and companies is ludicrous because all that links them is the CONCEPT.. it doesn't matter what response anyone comes up with, it's defying logic. The only reason I'm righteous and insistent on this is because I am legitimately right here. The only thing that links Morbius to Spike is that they're both VAMPIRES. The mechanics and lore of vampires between the two are completely different and the only thing that links them is the general notion that they're both based on the idea of vampires. It's the goddamn definition of the word concept for Christ's sake.

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@x35: And that makes perfect sense, like Pika said since we can now associate characters we can now use concepts in the appropriate manner and teams for just that, a single universe group or race/species. All others as you put it make more sense as a concept, and would be linked to a book that involves them Buffy or True Blood for example. While a team page can be used to explain the specific faction of vampires in each, if they even exist.

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It does make more sense to have those kinds of pages as concepts now, but there are quite a few to convert if we decide to do so, and thousands of issue credits to move over.

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Is there a page for the Body Swap concept? If not, is it worth making?

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@citizenbane: I am not sure, but yes if there is not go ahead and make it.

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I remember seeing something like that at one point.

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Merged Gorillas into the Simians page

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Opinions/guide the newbie -- Prime Directive. Should this be a paragraph added to the Star Trek concept page, or should it be a separate concept?

Also, is there a convention for distinguish current movie universe Star Trek from the prior continuity. In an edit I did to Robert April earlier I used "In the alternate timestream that follows the 2009 Star Trek film..." There may be something better? The on-going IDW comic happens in this new continuity, so it will come up a lot going forward.

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@wundagoreborn: As to the first question, yes, as to the second set of questions, that is up to the editor's judgment.

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We should change the Robin page to a concept page already. Someone's been adding a ton of appearances to it again and double credits annoys my ocd.

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@fesak: I'd say go for it, I've been keeping it empty and warning people but it never seems to last long. People want to know which Robin not a lazy catch-all mantle character...

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If no one objects i will. We've already gotten rid of all other mantle pages and the Batgirl page seems to have disappeared.

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@pikahyper: Can I start adding characters to the Science Hero concept page? Also would it have to be just Alan Moor characters or would characters like Reed Richards and Doc Savage count?

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@jonny_anonymous: eh that page seems kind of pointless, I guess just Moore ones.

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@pikahyper: What about a straight up super scientist page?

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@jonny_anonymous: I dunno this is going into terms that are just asking to be abused and additions will all be opinionated, people will draw the line at what should and shouldn't be included all over the place.

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Just curious. I saw some Spider Man 2099 issues with the Broken Future concept. I never thought of the 2099 setting as a broken future. I mean, it's not any worse than the world now.

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@johnnydarkness: they could have been added years ago, I agree though, doesn't seem at all necessary so if you want to remove them I wouldn't be against it.

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There are a couple of concepts that overlap a bit, and Broken seems a bit unclear. Maybe we should rename it to dystopian future, or just dystopia to make the page a bit more distinct.

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I'm down with that, "broken" just seems so specific and I can't recall it ever being used to describe a future, it should probably be an alias though for those that are used to using it.