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I did some work on the Mad Squad page recently and although the changes have gone live, I haven't received a notification or wiki points from it. I was just wondering if anyone knew what happened.

I wasn't sure whether I should have posted this in this forum or the bugs one so sorry if its in the wrong place :)

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@guttridgeb: I looked at your wiki submissions (thing under the more tab on your profile) and it is listed as being approved. I can't tell if you recived points, but someone approved those edits according to that...

some times it does take a bit of time to register on your wiki counter...

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and it is very well know that sometimes stuff just doesn't show up, this is "reported" in the bug forum all the time...

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@The Poet: @pikahyper: Thanks and sorry if this should have been in the other forum.

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@guttridgeb: This is the right forum, some times the changes just don't take for whatever reason as well.  If you have problems in the future just PM a wiki mod and we will have a look at it (all three that responded to you are wiki mods)
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@RazzaTazz: Thats great, thanks. I'll try and remember that if it happens again :)