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In honor of @aztek_the_lost: 's million submissions, I thought I would bring forth (*chuckes*) a time capsule.

Of course, when I found it--in the fan fiction section of all places--it was locked. But...for some reason some person unlocked it....

(*looks around*)

(*innocently twiddles his thumbs*)

I'd like to blame for encouraging me (she manipulated me I tell you! she and that Guinea pig of hers too!)

oh, I summon you!

dare I push "post reply"? yes, I do!

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HA! that's pretty awesome...

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lol wut.

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@The Poet: Totally Clemy. TOTALLY Clemy.

"Play along Clemy" Icarus whispers "No one will get mad at you, and I'll give you more lettuce than you've ever nommed before."