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why is it we only attribute them to the first issue?

it seems a bit odd... like only crediting Civil War with the first issue or Batman with his first appearance in a volume.

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@X35: cause it is a long running concept and not a story arc, they only need to be attached to the first issues of each series to denote that they are a part of it.

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What pika said.


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couldn't the exact same be said about The Heroic Age or even most the big crossover events. Just a banner really.

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@X35: potentially yes but new 52 and marvel now are a lot bigger then a banner scheme and they might not have an end, if we don't limit it now people could be associating the concepts for years and years, lot of point whoring potential so we gotta limit it from the start.

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but isnt that kinda the point of a page? to be attributed to all relevant things... anything advertised as the new 52/marvel now counts. the publishers would consider it a part of these things, so why don't we?

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because it is unnecessary and excessive, having the first issues marked is plenty to inform users that such and such series is part of the new 52 or marvel now, labeling every single issue attached to it when it is always going to be used is unnecessary, if at some point in like a year new 52 or marvel now get reversed or dissolved then ok users can probably go back and tag all the issues that are part of it since it was a short term thing but at this point both look to be long term.

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@X35: The reason behind these is that it is of historical importance to the publishing companies in that they have relaunched their entire titles.  This is why we tag only the first issues (really we wouldn't really need to tag anything, but we did first issues anyway.)  I am not as familiar with Heroic Age, if it is a story arc it belongs under story arc, the point of NOW! and TN52 is that they are not story arcs, but should still be mentioned somewhere.