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I've been thinking about this for a while. We have one page for Buu, but it is pretty clear that there are different forms of Buu with different personalities.

We had Majin Buu (the fat one) who separated from Evil Buu. They battled and Evil Buu triumphed, absorbing Buu to become Super Buu. All the beings absorbed by Super Buu were later released to unleash the original Buu - Kid Buu (who also battled Fat Buu, that would later become Mr. Buu later after Kid Buu's defeat).

I think this should be treated as we treat the fusions - with separate pages. There should be Majin Buu (Mr. Buu), Evil Buu, Super Buu and Kid Buu pages in my opinion.

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Well, we don't have separate pages for Legion's different personalities, but on the other hand i know nothing about Dragonball.

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I think Legion's case is different in that (most of the time) his personas are parts of himself that he's created and inalienable from him, while for Buu, Majin Buu and Evil Buu are two different beings who can separate and exist independent of each other.

Technically there should just be a Kid Buu page since he's the original and everything else is just built up from him, but I guess you could have a Mr.Buu page, and then an Evil Buu page with a Super Buu subsection, and finally a Kid Buu page.

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Maybe there should be but I have never too fond of Dragon Ball so I am not sure of how actually things stand with Buu and all of his personalities.

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We could assume that the Evil Buu is just an aspect of the original Buu (Kid Buu) and Super Buu is a transformation of him.

What's clear to me is Fat Buu and Kid Buu are completely separate entites.

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@jloneblackheart: So you think there should be a Kid Buu page with subsections for Evil Buu and Super Buu, and then a Mr. Buu page?

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@citizenbane: At minimum. I think, for our site any ways, that would be sufficient enough. The existing Buu page can just be the Majin Buu page and a separate Mr. Buu page to be created. The way I see it, Mr. Buu isn't Majin Buu because all the evil was expelled from him. He's basically the Grand Supreme Kai with Majin Buu's powers. He exists long after Buu's death also.

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