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 The Invincible comic issues don't have names, and as a consequence appear as blank when when referred to elsewhere.

In particular in a user's submission pages. See for example the difference between the first comic which appears blank, and the third comic (which is issue#4).

TOP is an Invincible comic that has no name; BOTTOM is an Invincible comic that I've named "Invincible"

All Invincible comics do not have names except for #4 which I just did as a test. (Nb. there's a difference between the name of the series and the name of an issue).

I did this by putting the name of the issue as "Invincible" even though this is not quite correct.

Any thoughts on this? Including alternatives and/or why it would be a problem to do this?

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Lots of issues don't have titles. I don't see much of a problem with it. 

But, once something gets put there, you cannot remove it. Also when creating a volume, the first issue MUST have a title. 

The most common replacements are 

Issue #_
1 (of 4) - minis

I can't say I agree to naming the issues after the volume. It could be misleading or confusing. Maybe if a number was included? (Invincible #4)
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 But, once something gets put there, you cannot remove it.
I'm not quite clear on what you mean by this. Just to be clear - this is where the issue name that's under discussion is (ie. it can be changed at any point):

Other than that - I think I like the format [Issue #x] better than nothing.
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@pastfarpoint: Yes, you can change titles at any time. I'm just saying that if an issue title is blank and you add something, it must forever have a title. For example, the issue you titled 'Invincible.' If you tried to remove the title since it had none, the function would not allow you to save, the reason being a title for the issue is required. Just adding some advanced knowledge to the situation, although it had minimal relevance to your inquiry. :)
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@jloneblackheart: actually (as I have just done to prove my point), if you replace a title with a space it acts as if there is no title...this is what I do when I add new volumes that I don't know the title for, just add a space...I think there should be some sort of thing you could check to say the issue has no title (just in case a comic is actually titled, Untitled) but I personally do use Untitled most of the time if an issue is untitled and I want to give it one for completeness sake
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@aztek the lost:  so it's you that keeps adding those darn spaces !!! :P

I tend to add [Untitled] to untitled issues instead of just Untitled because there are some comics with that as an actual title. If it is a mini series I will add X of X but if it is an ongoing I'll add [Untitled] or if it is part of a crossover or has a storyline branding on the cover I add that and if there are multiple stories in an issue I will add [Untitled] for untitled ones and then ; and the story titles of the other ones, most people just skip the untitled one if an issue has an untitled story and a titled story which is kind of annoying.
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I use spaces for unnamed issues too. Most issues of Beano, Dandy, and a lot of the other British humour anthologies don't have issue names.