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@turoksonofstone: just a fluke of first appearances being auto generated, I've fixed both pages though, the Howling Commandos shouldn't have been added to Commando issues and for Blastarr the year was added incorrectly and should have been 1976 instead of 1967.

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@pikahyper: i've pointed it out several times, but Howling Commandos ones are hardly a "fluke" when all their character pages were bombed by a spammer who added over 300 fake appearances to them. Nobody cares enough to fix them. Not even me.

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@x35: eh it happens, it'll be easier now that we have revisions but anything that happened in the old days is just there and someday hopefully someone will fix them.

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I've noticed a lot of odd appearances being randomly attributed to characters, not just first appearances. I've been working on fixing that when I see the mistakes.

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Last year there was a user that added hundreds of incorrect appearances to random characters, so likely leftovers from that.

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