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I've noticed a few characters that aren't on the site. How can I go about adding them to the site or is that not my place to do?

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Me too!

I want to know how to add more characters too.

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@luke_kerridge: As long as the characters appear in comics you can add them.

Check out the Help section of the site on how exactly you can add a page...remember they need to appear in comics to have a page...

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Browse characters and then use the green button to add new characters.

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@The Poet: I just don't want to look like an idiot if the page actually does exist, I've tried my hardest to find it, so I'll check out the help page, cheers. Poet, I'll do your list in a minute, reckon I should copy and paste the whole list, then delete ones I don't want on there?

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@luke_kerridge: well, you wouldn't be the first person to add a duplicate page :P, but if you can't find it then we probably don't have it on the site. wish you luck in adding the character...

yep. let me know if you need a copy of the list without all the links/cosign labels. Also feel free to ask me about the wiki if you need help