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There are 3 Caesar's each different, one from the originals, the Tim Burton one(horrible movie), and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. I know the first 2(burton and original) should be on 1 page but for the one from Rise, the only things I see that they share are the freeing of the apes and the name...

I mean you could make the argument he is a alternative version Caesar but it could be argued he is the same but just different... I think he is a different Caesar but as I stated people could say the other way...What should I do?

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I'd say all three versions on the same page with headers seperating and specifying the version of Ceasar. I look at it as the 'ultimate' version which have the sameconcept.

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@BlueLantern1995: can you provide links? I'm only seeing Caesar

if you mean you are going to add info to that page, I would say seperate all into 3 headers (like Aiden said). The aforementioned page already has the header of "Original Movie", so you could add to that.

Isn't Rise just a reboot of the series? they might have a differnet parentage, but if they are the same character basically (one just a rebooted version of the character), then I would say collect them all.

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@BlueLantern1995: Before you add more info to the page you should bring it up to the style guide standards first, less work that way.

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@BlueLantern1995: There was no Caesar in the Tim Burton movie.