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Are copying bios from Sourcebooks and Handbooks printed by the publishers considered plagarism?

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YES! They can be used as a resource like if you need to double check a power or team someone's been on. Same goes for online wiki's and such. Bottom line, the bio should be original as can be. Put it in your own words. We've had users scour their comics to piece together the history. It's obvious when someone looks at a wikipedia entry and tries simply paraphrasing it into their own words. We have a kick @$$ site with kick @$$ users and really want to show that we don't need to rely on the works of others.

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Glad you asked before you did it.

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Actually I did it without fully understanding the "No plagarism" thing but I PM'd the guys who approved my posts and explained. I just thought they meant not to copy from wiki and such.

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