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I've seen this too often so I though I'd speak out and hope some of the wiki editors notice this.

Please don't remove full name from alias section if it is not the page name too, because real name section does not show up in searches.

Anyone wanting to test it, type in Hawkeye's full name "Clinton Francis Barton" that is currently not in the alias section.

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Ok thanks.


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Sure thing.

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@ApatheticAvenger: Not necessarily but Clint Barton will also show up in a search if the "Francis" is omitted.

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@ApatheticAvenger: Because the wiki is based off of complete information, so the more information we can put in the better.

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@ApatheticAvenger said:

@RazzaTazz: Oh don't get me wrong, I understand that entirely (look at how much info I've put into the Cyclops page alone over the years). There just gets to be a point where the information can be trivial or tedious.

For instance, Beast's full name is Dr. Henry Phillip McCoy. Very rarely is he ever referred to as such. Rather, Dr. Hank McCoy is commonly used, and makes far more sense to be listed in his aliases.

If Hawkeye was regularly referred to by his full name, I would certainly see the reasoning of putting it in his aliases.

Doctor isn't a name, it's a title.

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@ApatheticAvenger: I believe the problem is more of a case with B-tier and lower characters where there real name isn't "full"...I mean with the most popular character, you get middle names, prefixes, and all sorts of unnecessary oddities but if your full known name is just "Nathaniel Essex" and that's not in the alias section, that's a pretty significant search term lost

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While we're at it, can i request people stop removing "DD" from Daredevil's aliases. It's a perfectly valid alias, he's called it in-universe plenty and it's a very commonly used shorthand for the character elsewhere.

EDIT: and also someone keeps adding Cooper Peyton which doesn't count, since that was Iron Fist as Daredevil.