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I have uploaded tons of pictures to articles on the wiki, when you click on "Image Galleries" on the toolbar on the left side of the page you see them all but how can you created galleries inside the "All Gallery" to organize these pictures? I have seen them on other pages but I cant figure out how to create them on my pages. Clicking edit, drops down that edit plane and it says "drag images from below into this area to manage image galleries" but when you try to drag them up there they don't stay and you don't get any options to create a gallery. There are not buttons on the edit bar to create galleries. Any help?

This is all I'm seeing
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@tea8765: there's supposed to be a little section in the top right where you drag images for creating new galleries or deleting images, looks like a bug is causing it to not load for you, have you tried leaving it for a little while? been a while since I tested it but sometimes it takes up to a minute for the pane to fully load in Firefox.

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BAM! You are my hero! It was not working for me in firefox but that gave me an idea I tried it with Internet Explorer and there they were. Thanks!

As as always you (or any moderator) can quote me on that ;-)

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This sometimes happens if you start editing images (even just clicking them which starts a dragging motion) before the interface has properly loaded.