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Hi :) Forgive my nooby-ness, I'm not sure if this is an issue that's been covered before, or if I'm posting this in the right place, but I was just editing Saint Sinner and came across a bit of a conundrum. One of its creators, Max Douglas, also works under the name Salgood Sam. He has two seperate pages, one for each name, so his creations are not all attributed to one creator on one page. I was just wondering: is there some way to just have the one page linking all of his work back to him? I noticed that with Shaky Kane, his real name is in brackets, so that you get the right page no matter which name you type. Life would be a LOT easier if that was the case with Max Douglas/Salgood Sam.

Just a thought :)

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@BumpyBoo: just move over all the appearances to whichever identity is the real one and add a section to to the real one listing known pen names and then once the data is moved over from the pen name page request for its deletion.

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Okay, I'll get it done :) Thanks very much