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Hello :) I'm just looking for some advice on concepts. The problem I have is that I want to add a concept to an issue, but I don't know if I should, as to link this particular concept to this particular issue is a definite spoiler. What is the best thing to do? Add the concept for the sake of accuracy, or leave it out so that the plot won't be spoiled for anyone?

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What's the concept?

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There are two: Cyborgs and Genetic Alteration. Mentioning either may seriously undermine the plot twist, as having seen those two concepts before reading the comic would take all the shock value out of the twist (obviously I'm not going to say which on the forums, that would be silly) The whole point of the book is that you don't initially know why a certain character is the way they are. It's a 2 book story, with two main characters and only a few minor characters, so I think it would be obvious who the concept refers to.

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@BumpyBoo: Go for the accuracy, it was decided a while ago not to use spoiler tags because users were likely to already have read the issue before looking it up in the wiki so nothing would be spoiled plus from a historical standpoint it won't really matter in six months to a year so its best to be as accurate as possible plus users aren't as likely to scroll down far enough to see the concepts anyways :P

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Excellent, thank you very much :D