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Where did you put powers and characters who 've got those powers please ?

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I'm sorry, I'm not sure i understand...

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I uploaded it to the paint program. clicked red color brush, then used the circle tool.

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@lordemp: @battle_forum_junkie: I think he is talking about the list that showed the characters with say "flight" that was attached to the battle/rank section. Unfortunately Lordtemp that along with the Trivia and Quests were not brought over to the new site.

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Oh, okay. Thanks for clearing that up. That's too bad that stuff was fun...

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3 points:

1-First, I'm surprise that this subject doesn't appear more often in the forum (thanks Battle_Forum_Junkie). I thought there was something wrong with my cpu/account/me because each power used to be link to the ranking and what, no more??? That seemed wrong. But then...

2-It's not been brought to the new site!?!? What a shame! What's the point of all these database info if you can't use it to rank your heroes by power... and by attractiveness for heroines. And then disagree because Iris is way too low on the ranking of Swordsmanship (and attractive female)!

3-Why??? Did you guys think it was useless, or was it just to much of a hassle? Or...you're still working on it and it's gonna be back on very soon???? Battle_Forum_Junkie thinks it was fun, I think it was necessary. You take 2 heroes, the first question is: who's the strongest? => battle. Now you take 3, then 4 , then 2500 => you need the ranking system!

Anyway, now and until the power/battle/ranking is back, I like this website less than the previous one by at last 50%. And i'm gonna have to browse the web to find a bad website that does it but not as good as it used to be here...

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@pean8ts: People weren't using it to rank characters by their power, they were just making their favourites win everything regardless of whether they're worthy of it.

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worst feature ever, I'm glad it's gone.

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@guttridgeb: of course, everyone wants their favs to win... but when my fav red sonja battles Superman, she wins attrative female and swordmanship (RS is my fav for being an attractive swordwoman!), and S-man wins the rest (superpowers and intergalactic speed or whatever). Maybe some people would still make her beat him at that, but if I wanted a fav with superpowers and speed, i'd fav supergirl, not red sonja! If most people think batman > superman @ unarmed combat, then batman is n°1 (this is just an exemple), I may desagree but still, i'm happy to know where I stand vs the world. Supports from the fans I think is the only way to rank superheroes no? And I don't think the thing would get N1 spot @ attractive male even if his fan base was bigger than iron man's own. But maybe I'm wrong.

@pikahyper I have almost no comics knowledge I guess you guessed that already ) , but I love stats and ranking and i loved it here. Now I look at Captain America, Iron Man and Superman: among other powers, they all have leadership. Aren't you a little bit interested to know which one people would follow ? Which one would rank highest? If you would be part of the biggest team? I used to be able to know that by clicking on "leadership", now I don't. You didn't like it, you didn't have to use it and if you think it was bad that people would have followed the wrong leader, well too bad. Now i just don't know. If you can spare a minute, can you tell me what was wrong with this feature? Because i didn't like the Quest because I socked at it (most of the time I had no idea what it meant), but I think some guys might have liked questing and i'm sad for them that it's gone.

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@pean8ts: A perfect example of how it was broken was Barack Obama who was if I recall ranked like 250 overall. Not sure how he could be higher ranked than say Batman or Captain America in catagories like unarmed combat.

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@pean8ts: Problem is that you may have done that but seemingly the majority of people didn't.

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@pean8ts: In a perfect world it would be a good system but the rankings were severally out of whack because of trolls and vandalism, a lot of the time powers would be added to characters just to support some stupid argument in the forum and then left there. There are thousands of character pages with incorrect powers and it is a waste of resources and other users time trying to fix them all. Other abuse comes from people not understanding what they are adding or they think just cause a character can do this then they can do that automatically or the twisted perverts that keep adding Attractive X to children, animals and other non-humanoid characters. There was a lot more wrong with the whole feature then there was right.

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@pikahyper: what would be a nice feature is a power page that describes the powers. Would help with association and IMO be similar to concepts and provide info. More info is always better. It could then of course show characters with the power (non ranked of course).

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@wmwadeii: I dunno, that seems like a target for vandalism and point whoring. I like that the powers are described on the characters pages cause so many powers vary character to character like super strength or berserker rage, many powers might have the same names but they don't always mean the same thing so having a pre-defined list of powers that everyone tries to use in a very general way is misleading and somewhat damaging to the accuracy of the wiki.

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Yes, there is some truth to the statement that fans used the power rankings to support their favorites or vice-versa. Still, to me it was one of the neatest things on Comic Vine, especially the Battle Game. It should be re-instated as soon as possible, but maybe with the stipulation that you can only vote on a particular character 7 times per week, so as not to overload the system with + or - points for one SuperHero.