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This is a question for staff and/or moderators.

The ability to rate individual comics seems to have disappeared from the new Comic Vine. I'm talking about the ratings out of 5 stars for each issue that used to be near the top of issue pages. Was it a conscious decision to exclude this? I thought that was a really good feature (specially on the mobile version) and I think many people would like to see this back. Any chance of this happening?

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So far, it looks like you have to review an issue in order to rate it. So it's there, it just requires a few hoops to be jumped through first. The stand-alone rating would be nice, as would half stars, but I don't mind the prodding into reviewing more.

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I've posted about this on the Beta and Live, no reponses yet. I believe they are doing as most sites now, to prevent spammers who might give something a 1 just because they are biased and therefore the score for an issue that has only a couple ratings is ruined. By requiring an actual review only those who have a serious opinion will rate a comic. I agree the rate feature was nice as I too use a tablet to read my comics and rate each one after I read them to help the community.

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There is a chance of everything being changed. It was a huge effort and accomplishment for the technicians to put this site together, but they know it is not perfect (yet.) I think reviews are a bit further down on the priority list after the wiki and the forums though.

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Yes, hopefully they add that feature again. I don't have time to review every single comic I read. It will also prevent a lot of other people from rating them because they also won't have the time or patience. I read too many so I hope this is put back on.

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I like it better this way. While I understand some users don't want to review every comic, it would be more beneficial to those who haven't read the issue and are curious about it. Why should they read it, what is a general summary of it, how do other users feel about it, how do their friends on here feel about it. It's really just a bonus that spammers can't low ball issues for fun.

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there are some comics i judge if i'm going to pick them up based on their stars. I just think you shouldn't fix something that wasn't broken. I admit, I did complain about some a-holes trolling on Marvel comics and giving them 0.5 stars but it didn't last long. I think it should be switched back to how it was. Of course, they won't change it based solely on my opinion but I bet there are a lot of people who feel the same way.

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Maybe the Avengers Arena haters were the reason this feature got removed. Hah! But in all seriousness I think they will bring this back once they've worked out the more major features. It does suck when spammers lowball an issue they haven't even read but I think most people only take the ratings more seriously if there are a large number of ratings, for example 5* from 2 ratings isn't that impressive but 5* from 20 can be influential.

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I found one issue with the current setup is that if only one reviewer rated a comic, Example #6 Iron Man has a single 1 star review it currently looks like a bad read. It also doesn't show the Staff reviews (I here they are looking into that) so again an issue like this just looks bad. Another thing if I recall is some reviewers for whatever reason used a 1 star and then linked to a full review or video, where they gave it a higher rating, sometimes a 9 out of 10. Hopefully those reviewers go back and edit their reviews.

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So there are now half stars now? It isn't a really big deal but that was one thing I really liked about the old site. I hope they bring it back.