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Just having a quick look at many of them and it's sad how poorly written they are. What is with all the commas? Then you get funny things like this on Storm's page...

"This exquisitively beautiful mutant..."

Is exquisitively even a word? I think they meant exquisite which already means very beautiful. It just sounds so fan written and unprofessional.

The wiki used to be so great here and then it just got butchered. It's too bad really.

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"Exquisitively" is now my new favorite word. Sadly, many people don't approach the wiki from an objective point of view and they let their fan-isms get in the way. I can see Storm having a very offensive page in this regard knowing her following on the Vine.

*Edit: I just changed the summary. Let's see how long it takes to revert.

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Yep, she has a lot of fanatics, I rejected one yesterday going on about her being a goddess and her mastery of every type of weather.

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If it was the person whose edit was denied that shows up on the page then that makes their bio pretty funny. And sad.

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It's always interesting around Storm.

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Any Claremont X-Men woman has the same sorta crap on their page