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Newbie here, hoping to help out. If one of the pinned threads above addresses or should be the right place for this question, please direct me. I looked around, but they are dauntingly long.

I was recently (and rightly) denied when I tried to add an Eternals volume that already exists. The reason I tried was I searched "The Eternals" got 4 results and thought the 1985 mini-series was missing. It's not, it is just entitled "Eternals." If you search "Eternals" instead, you get all the results. I realize this 2 minutes after I had submitted my misguided volume. I'd like to re-title the 4 volumes that have "The", so nobody makes this mistake again. But I can't figure out how to do that.


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Yes volumes can be renamed, volumes should use the indicia on the inside cover of the issues as the title name. All those Eternals should probably be renamed to The Eternals except where there is no 'the' like in Gaiman's run.

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@wmwadeii: @shatterstar: @pikahyper:

Thank you all for your guidance. It turns out I'm wrong. The indicia for the 1985 limited series just says "Eternals." This leads me to assume the other Eternals pages are labeled correctly per the indicia and I should do more homework next time.

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@wundagoreborn: I personally still like to have have the covers title as an alias in some cases, that way they come up in the search. Incredible Hulk and Thor are good examples because me personally I might not look at the indicia and will use the covers title. Now that we have aliases available I can see it being used more for this purpose.

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