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Do we really need to have a black lantern default image for every character who became a BL?
 I understand that the image on the overview should be up-to-date and represent the newest version of the character, but we all know that the events of blackest night are far from being a permanent change for most characters. 
 We don't change the overview pictures if a character's appearance is altered in an issue or arc as part of the plot so should this be different?
This refers mostly to the characters like Superman, Wonder Woman, Green arrow and such. I really don't understand why they should have Black Lantern images rather than their normal iconic pictures. We all know none of them is going to remain a black lantern or even be affect by these events in any way. 
I feel that when you look up Superman on this site you should have an iconic red 'n' blue image, rather than a picture of a black evil Superman staring at you.
Second, some Black lantern images are appalling in quality, and should not be put on the front page even if they did properly represent the character.  I am talking about  images such as these:  

All these images are taken from a single panel where the characters appear as BLs, which their only appearance as such.  I really don't think such images should be on the front pages on the vine, but nevertheless there they are. 
What are your thoughts? Black Lantern, or old iconic?
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I agree

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I completely agree.  Aside from the fact that I hate it when cropped groups images (cropped down to a single character) are used as the Main Image, there's really no need to desperately update the image like this.  At some point the majority of DC's frontline heroes are going to be seen as Black Lanterns.  That doesn't mean that hey will stay Black Lanterns. 
The main function of the main image is to be a visual & recognisable image of that character.  Therefore an up-to-date image is preferable.  However, that doesn't mean we need every change of clothes.  It means we need recognisable imagery.  Superman in red & blue, Flash in red & yellow, Cyclops with his visor, Wolverine with his claws, etc... 

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I agree, when recently adding character appearances to an issue, I was unsure if I had the right one, due to a Black Lantern pic.