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Since the 1990s, comics have increasingly used alternate numbering to enhance the appeal of an event or to celebrate a publishing accomplishment.  At DC for instance, there was first Zero Hour in which readers got the first non-sequential numbering of their comic series.  Soon after came the opposite reaction, where as opposed to a small number that readers got a large number, where DC one million propelled the readers one million months into the future.  Later it became popular to take different series involving the same character, such as Wonder Woman, and to combine them all together into one large number (such as when she got the treatment for her 600th issue.)  I have mentioned in my blogs before that sometimes the numbering system in comics is a misleading in terms of anniversaries, that a fiftieth issue in fact usually represents the 4 year and two month anniversary of a series.  While this may be the case, this new numbering can quite often lead to landmark moments for these characters or a chance to break from the past.  Action Comics 600 was used to move Action Comics into a weekly format for a time (which ultimately proved unsuccessful) and which featured less on Superman than had previously.  Detective Comics 700 was used to launch the Legacy story arc which would have some profound effects on Batman.  And the previously mentioned Wonder Woman 600 was used to launch into the Odyssey story arc, where Wonder Woman got a redesigned costume as she fought to remember her history.   
With all of this in mind, my friend and fellow moderator came to me a few months ago and asked me if I could write him up a little something for him cracking the 7 digit plateau for wiki points in Comic Vine's database.  He did so just shortly before I am writing this.  So how is the preamble related to the text?  Well first of all, Aztek the Lost as well as many wiki editors believes that we form our own niche on this site, and one which unfortunately many people do not get into (despite this essentially forming the backbone of this site.)  For a veteran like Aztek_the_Lost this can sometimes leave him feeling a little ignored and disliked despite all he contributes to the community both in what people can see and behind the the scenes.)  As evidence of this I could write in what he had actually asked me to write in here in relation to what people might think of his accomplishment.  I think conversely to what he thinks though, people around here are quite fond of him and what he does for us.  In this way, his milestone event of this morning is comparable to what people might think of with the monumental numbering of a character or series that we have grown accustomed to, in that it can serve to remind us that he is here and still going strong.  Conversely and still with the same analogy, the milestone number also allows him to grow and move off in a different direction.  I personally can admit to struggling at times with my online interactions, I tend to get too emotional or too moody and expect too much out of people that I meet online (which 99% of the time happens here) but through my experience at CV, Az is a person that I would consider a friend.  I have the benefit here of therefore knowing some things personally about him which others don't (and can't in good confidence reveal) but I can say that Az is a person that likes to reinvent himself in various ways, and one of the ways he is thinking of doing that now is to step away from his main account and work on some of his other accounts which he feels don't get the attention he thinks they deserve.  So on the opposite end of the spectrum, we now have Az, with his milestone seeking to redefine himself, much as series and character have in the past around such a clean and crisp number.   
So in the end, I am personally happy that Az is going to be around CV for the time to come, whatever form that is in.  He is one of the people that make this site into what it is, and has formed the backbone of the moderators for some time now.  When we all think of CV and the things that we like about, we often don't think of the people that make that possible.  In my mind Az is one such person and deserving of a congratulations and a thanks.   (by the way, when you post on this blog @reply Az so he knows who is writing to him, do this by preceding any comments with @aztek_the_lost , otherwise I get all the notifications and not him)
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Aztek <333

If anyone deserved a topic devoted to their individual awesomeness, it's definitely Aztek!!

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@aztek_the_lost said:

Should I pin this?

Bad form to be the first to post on a congratulatory blog about yourself.  Bad form to ask whether to pin a blog about yourself.  
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Congratulations mate on a phenomenal achievement. Regardless of the views of a minority, I'm sure most of us ComicVine mutants appreciate your work. Also thanks for your guidance when I was a newb


You write really well (I'm a proper grammer nerd!).

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Congrats, man. Well done.
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@ReVamp 2.0 said:


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has always been a great help to me with just about any question. I'm sad to see this legacy ending but I look forward to the other areas that will get his attention. Nice job, Aztek.

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@aztek_the_lost: Nobody cares about you :P
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Oooh, nice! congrats :)

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We are not worthy!

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I didn`t expect you to do so this fast! AWE-SOME!

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Well I'll be damned.

Good job.

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Congratulations on the achievement.

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... holy crap. Congrats, Aztek!

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Congrats Aztek! You're awesome! :D 
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Just wow. Nothing else needed. Congrats!

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That's awesome.  I just saw it on the list at 1,000,001.  Definitely gives me some motivation to keep going myself.
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oy, you moving along more slowly now or what?

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@spawndon: he switched to an alt account for points.

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@pikahyper: Yes, but no one is supposed to know that :P
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@RazzaTazz: coulda fooled me, everybody I talk to already knows about his alt.

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@pikahyper: Oh well, it is known that he uses alts, though the specific alt is maybe not as known ;)
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@RazzaTazz: that's believable :P

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Good lord, how did I miss this? All hail the Wiki King!

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@pikahyper: @RazzaTazz: so why is he not editing any more as Aztec the lost?

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@spawndon: you'd have to ask him yourself.

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He's pretty much waiting for the new site to launch.

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awesome.. congrats

Thanks for the nice tribute

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Congrats! Crazy stuff, I'm not surprised that you've hit this number. :)