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i know it's kinda one of those things that the nature of the corps lend it to shared appearances but it has always annoyed the hell out of me that there's basically all these pages which 95% of them are just alt brian braddocks. and most of them have one appearance or a background appearance at most.


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Well, some of them are counterparts of Brian Braddock, most of the ones we have pages for are others or unconfirmed. This used to be one of the exceptions, need to think on it a bit.

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well there's ones called stuff like "Brion Braddock", "Brad Briandock", "Byron Bra-Dhok" etc.... i mean, they are very clearly alternate reality counterparts to brian braddock. the assumption should be that all corps members are braddock unless stated otherwise (even if they are different sex or species entirely). admittedly there are some that are given significant lines and dialogue that acknowledge they are not brian braddock and are completely different people...but so much of them are just braddock counterparts...like there's nazi captain britain or dinosaur captain britain who are very obviously brian braddock counterparts.

the only braddock counterparts that probably deserve their own page would be albion and crusader x (i think he was called...the one with the wrecking ball who also joined excalibur...that being the salient point), the rest of the braddock ones are completely unnecessary contributing only to clutter and cause annoying disambig problems. most of them don't even have lines, let alone anything besides a background appearance in some random excalibur issue.

while i'm at it, it seems people are just linking any captain britain related characters to that captain britain corps (similarly to that horrid supermen of the multiverse page). pretty sure in lionheart's like 5 appearances, she never joined them... and "kid briton" - some brat from avenger hunger games - doesn't even make sense since there's only meant to be like...one corps person from each reality and brian is obviously 616s

and the saturnyne pages are a rant for another day...

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A couple of those should go, but most of the corps members we have pages for doesn't seem to be counterparts of anyone. We can't really assume that Giles Weill is a counterpart of Brian Braddock, he could just as well be an alternate John Lennon.

Kid Briton is a younger version of Brian Braddock from an alternate reality. You don't read the top quality book Avengers Arena? Lionheart did join, she replaced Brian when he was replacing Merlyn for some reason i don't remember. I'm pretty sure all linked characters have been members, but not the 616 versions. There are other random characters that aren't even listed that have been members, some of which are listed on the main page.

The Saturnyne/Courtney Ross situation was never resolved afaik, so i don't think there is a way to index those characters correctly so that it also makes sense.

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@fesak: Well Giles isn't even a searchable name, so I don't know which one that would be, but I'm guessing he's a one that appears in the background of an issue of Alan Davis' Excalibur (probably that one where Brian is on trial for beating up Nightcrawler) and says maybe one line...probably something comical to highlight the fact he is from a different reality...and that's the entire character there.

But my point was - assume they are all Braddock until otherwise stated. Giles has an actual name revealed so it's stated he's not a Brian. Whereas Captain Britainrex or whatever he's called...or Captain Britain made of sugar...or Captain Britain as a zebra in a dress...they are all alternate counterparts of Brian until someone brings it back and goes "No, his real name is Scott Hanson"...which given most of these are background characters, at best, is about as likely as me ever reading Avengers Arena.