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First of all, I'd like to introduce myself and say hi to everyone 'cause I'm new in this forum. I find this website incredibly useful and funny, and I spend a lot of time reading about characters and story arcs. Is really amazing what a fan community can do, there are really good and complete articles about almost everything related to the comic book industry. I've already made some little contributions to this site and I'm glad they have been approved so quickly, this community works really fast and efficient.

Now, about the Annuals...I've noticed that the Annuals and the main volume of a comic book series are completely different pages, I've searched in this forum and I've found nothing related to that. Is there a reason behind that? Why not in the same page on the bottom or at least a menu on the left side that leads you directly to the annuals page. I think it would be really helpful and efficient, after all, the annuals are inside the same story line, in most of the cases.

Please correct me if I'm wrong in this point, Or do you share my doubts, anything?

And pardon my English, I'm not native, I hope I expressed myself correctly.

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@Yiakman: Annuals and the regular series have different indicia's (that little legal blurb inside comics) and we follow the naming schemes set forth by the indicia's, it would be nice to link them somehow but it isn't really possible at this time.

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Maybe something like the "Movies" link that appears at the left side in a characters page, that redirects the user to the Annuals page. This could be used for Specials, Tie-In Issues for example. Is it possible or it would be difficult for some technical problem?

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@Yiakman: way too much work to implement, a new site is already in development and I doubt Annuals are even a consideration at this point.

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@Yiakman: also there is a thread for suggestions already here so from now on that is where these types of posts should be made.

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@pikahyper: It is ok to link annuals in the blurb about the series though.  
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@RazzaTazz: of course but it rarely happens on CV, I see it on other sites though.