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Doom and Richards are probable overall the two smartest human on the planet and two of the smartest beings in the universe. One of their major differences is Doom can use magic and often combine it with his technology. Yet as far as I know Doom always treats them as if they are something different. (Please correct me if I am wrong on this). Richards on the other hand has never been able to wrap his head around it. He always has to go running to Dr. Strange.

What do you think it is about Doom that allows him to use magic, but not Reed?

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he smarter then reed reed never has comprehend magic.

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Reed is homies with the Sorcerer Supreme. He probably just never invested the time in it like Doom has because he has Strange to reach out to.

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Maybe Reed is fundamentally opposed to the idea of using magic? That would be my guess.

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@seekquaze: Reed does use magic in Mark Waid's run, specifically Fantastic Four (volume 2) #68-70 and then it concluded once the series rebooted back to its original numbering at Fantastic Four #500. The story arc is called Unthinkable. You'll find all the info on that arc here but Reed is given some limited magic lessons by Doctor Strange's spirit and it's a very interesting story. But you'd expect no less from Waid.

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@seekquaze: Simple answer Reed doesn't believe in magic, I mean not really, he knows its a thing but he doesn't truly believe in its super natural nature and in order to really be able to use magic you have to really believe it from a non scientific view point.

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well doom was raIsed wIth magIc reedwasnt

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And wasn't Doom's mother a witch?